Provost's Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation - terms of reference

  1. Recommend non-union staff salary policies and procedures.
  2. Review Human Resources' surveys and market analyses and recommend salary job value adjustments and/or general increases.
  3. Review and recommend policies on matters of compensation other than salaries such as overtime, leaves, vacations, paid holidays, moving expenses, working conditions, or any other matters referred by the president, vice-presidents, or members of the committee.
  4. Recommend procedures and controls to be used each year in administering the staff salary program.
  5. Consider and review any special circumstances or inequities in the administration of the university's staff salary policies or procedures.
  6. Recommend policy modifications which are of an administrative nature such as the following:
    1. Changes designed to make policies current such as changes in titles, changes in approval authorities to comply with organizational changes, and similar matters.
    2. Changes required to keep policies in compliance with provincial or federal legislation.


  1. Four members appointed by the provost from names submitted by the Staff Association.
  2. The director, HR total compensation
  3. The vice-president, administration & finance.
  4. A member of Executive Council, appointed by the provost.
  5. The associate provost, human resources (chair).

A resource person with relevant expertise from Human Resources, appointed by the chair.

General comments

The resource person, working with line managers, will be responsible for ensuring that university compensation policies and procedures are equitably applied.

Approved July 28, 1971
Amended September 1992 (titles only)
Amended December 1997 (titles only)
Amended April 1998 (titles only)
Amended October 2009 (title only)
Amended November 2010 (title only)
Amended March 2011 (title only)
Amended November 2019 (membership only)