Staff Relations Committee - agenda and minutes

1. Meeting in open session resolution

WHEREAS, by custom and for practical reasons, the Staff Relations Committee (“the committee”) has historically carried out its meetings entirely in confidential session;

AND WHEREAS the committee recognizes the benefits to the university community of promoting transparency in its work, where feasible and appropriate;

AND WHEREAS the committee affirms the importance of informing the campus community of significant matters related to staff-university relations;

NOW THEREFORE the committee resolves as follows:

  1. THAT, on a trial basis, the committee shall conduct its meetings in both open and closed sessions; and
  2. THAT the open session of the committee’s meetings shall be open to attendance from all members of the university community; and
  3. THAT the confidential session of the committee’s meetings shall be closed and will be attended only by members of the committee and any required resource persons or invitees as the committee may invite from time to time; and
  4. THAT meeting agendas and minutes for the open portion of the meeting shall be made available to the campus community through the Secretariat; and
  5. THAT meeting agendas and minutes for the confidential portion of the meeting shall be circulated only to committee members; and
  6. THAT the committee co-chairs, in consultation with the committee secretary, shall determine which items of business are to be included in each of the open and confidential sessions; and
  7. THAT the trial period shall be for meetings of the committee held from 1 January 2014 to 30 June 2014, inclusive.

Note: at its meeting of 25 June 2014, the committee directed that open sessions of the committee’s meetings be implemented on an ongoing basis.

2. Agenda and minutes