Standing Committee on Alcohol Use & Education

Terms of Reference

There shall be a Committee on Alcohol Use & Education that will:

  • deal with any issues of concern related to alcohol use and education
  • approve, on an annual basis, practices and procedures from establishments that serve alcoholic beverages
  • approve, on an annual basis, the effectiveness of alcohol awareness and educational programs
  • advise the Director, University Business Operations, with respect to any disciplinary action that should be taken against facilities resulting from violations of Policy 21

The membership will be as follows:

  • Director, University Business Operations (Chair)
  • Associate Provost, Students
  • Directors of Safety, UW Police Services, Health Services, Food Services, and Residence Life
  • President of the Federation of Students
  • Business Manager, Federation of Students
  • President of the Graduate Student Association
  • Administrator, Graduate Student Association
  • First-Year Student Life Coordinator
  • Administrative/Executive Assistant from a Faculty
  • A representative from the Federated and Affiliated Colleges