Undergraduate Operations Committee

Co-Chair: David DeVidi, Associate Vice-President, Academic
Co-Chair: Catherine Newell Kelly, Registrar
Secretary: Ruth Huard, Assistant to the Associate Vice-President, Academic

Terms of reference

The Undergraduate Operations Committee is a university-level committee co-chaired by the Associate Vice-President, Academic and Registrar, whose primary responsibility is to deal with various operational matters pertaining to undergraduate education at the University of Waterloo, such as scheduling and calendar production and developing, interpreting and/or clarifying undergraduate guidelines, policies and regulations. The committee will also, at times, act in an advisory capacity to the Senate Undergraduate Council on various issues such as admission requirements, but it will not be a sub-committee of council. The Undergraduate Operations Committee also is a forum in which its members can confidentially seek advice of their colleagues on various matters within the scope of its mandate. Normally the committee operates by consensus or by majority vote in those instances where consensus cannot be reached.

Membership and frequency of meetings

The membership of the Undergraduate Operations Committee includes the major academic and student support areas on campus, as well as representation from the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo (AFIW):

  1. The associate deans for undergraduate studies (one from each of the six Faculties).
  2. The four AFIW deans or their representatives.
  3. The associate registrars, and assistant registrars.
  4. The executive director (or delegate), Cooperative Education.
  5. The directors of the Centre for Extended Learning, WatPD, AccessAbility, Student Success Office, Quality Assurance Office and Academic Integrity Office.
  6. The associate vice-president, academic (co-chair) and registrar (co-chair).

The committee normally meets every month except for July and August