Process for the appointment of external governors (community-at-large and recommendations to the Lieutenant Governor in Council)

The nomination/appointment process will be handled confidentially / in camera


The Governance Committee:

  • reviews the Board-approved core competencies to determine whether adjustments are needed given the University's strategic direction/external factors
  • reviews the Board-approved personal competencies/criteria of Governors to determine whether adjustments are needed
  • reviews the personal competencies/criteria of each continuing Governor as well as those Governors stepping down to determine gaps/weaknesses which need to be addressed by new appointees


The Governance Committee:

  • advises the Board at its June meeting of the vacancies (both Board and Committee) occurring effective April 30th of the following year and identifies any particular strengths being sought in new appointees; encourages nominations to the Governance Committee, particularly over the summer, though nominations can be made at any time to the Governance Committee.


The Governance Committee:

  • reviews nominations
  • prepares slate for approval into 'the pool' at the October Board meeting; the rationale for each nominee is provided, based on Board core competencies, personal characteristics/criteria, potential committee service

[Note:​ the Governance Committee can recommend nominees for approval into 'the pool' at any meeting of the Board.]


  • nomination must identify how the nominee complements Board-approved core competencies, establish that the nominee has the required personal competencies/criteria, and include a bio or CV when possible/practicable, indicate whether the nominee is prepared to serve


  • will not be advised by the Governance Committee/Board if they are being considered
  • will be contacted only if they are to be appointed

Approved by the Board of Governors, June 6, 2006.