Presidential Nominating Committee Seeks Feedback

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Presidential Nominating Committee Seeks Feedback

The Presidential Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that it has begun work of finding and recommending an outstanding candidate for appointment as the seventh president of the University of Waterloo. In addition to those individuals who will be contacted as part of the committee’s extensive consultation process, the committee looks forward to providing opportunities and channels for all members of the community to submit their views. Further communications regarding consultation activities will follow soon. In the meantime, any member of the University of Waterloo community is invited to reach out to any member of the committee, or the University Secretary, to offer thoughts regarding the qualities and requirements for the next president, and the issues or challenges they may face, and the opportunities they should be prepared to take advantage of to meet these demands. All comments received will be held confidentially by the committee. Please see the full Memo to the Community, or committee's webpage for more information.

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