FAQs for Work from Home Guidelines for Managers

When did these guidelines take effect?

These guidelines came into effect on 1 November 2011.

What if I have existing staff already working from home?

If you already have staff members who are working from home a number of days per week, then you need to formalize the arrangement with the completion of the new forms.

What if I have a staff member who currently works from home more than two days per week?

If you have a staff member working more than two days per week and their normal place of work is not their home, then you will need to make arrangements to ONLY allow two days per week effective 1 November 2011.

What if I have a staff member who wishes to work from home full time?

Working from home full time is not governed by these guidelines. Please speak to your HR Advisor for further information on working from home full time.

What if I want the staff member to work from home?

These guidelines are specifically for staff who request to work from home and do not govern staff whose regular place of employment is their home. Please speak to your HR Advisor.

The form only allows for a maximum of 12 months. What if I wish to have the arrangement go longer?

The 12-month maximum is to ensure that a discussion takes place as to the appropriateness of the arrangement for both parties. If you wish to continue the arrangement, you will need to submit a new form.

What if I find the arrangement isn't working? How do I cancel the arrangement?

The decision as to whether you will allow someone to work from home rests with you. If you are not happy with the arrangement, you will need to cancel the arrangement with the staff member and inform HR of your decision.

Why is the university formalizing this practice?

Over the last number of years, there has been an increasing number of staff who are working from home or are requesting to work from home. These guidelines were developed to ensure work from home arrangements are appropriate and to provide a tool for managers in making decisions around work from home arrangements.

Why do I need to send Human Resources a copy of the forms?

As a university, we need to be able to see how many staff members have these types of arrangements. HR will also send you a reminder that the agreement is coming to an end.