Policy 43 – Special Conditions for Employment for Deans*

Established: April 11, 1972

Class: A

1. Presence on Campus

A Dean shall normally be present on campus for three terms each year.


A Dean as a member of the faculty with professorial rank shall be subject to the normal University policy regarding sabbatical leaves (i.e., month on full pay for each year of service) with the following exceptions:

  1. Sabbatical leave may not be taken during the first two years of appointment.
  2. An extra credit of one month sabbatical leave on full pay will be accumulated for each year of appointment as Dean, commencing from July 1, 1971.

Should a Dean take a sabbatical leave during the term of office, according to privileges allowed under the University Policy on Leaves of Absence for Faculty Members (i.e., after a six-year period), decanal credits of one month with pay per year of office can be applied. At the termination of the period of office, the remaining credit of months on full pay shall be carried forward and applied to the regular period of sabbatical leave granted by the University.

*For Deans also read Associate Deans and department Chairs

For historical reference: 1977 memo from T.A. Brzutowski re: Interpretation of Policy 43.