SDC Room Booking Form


NOTE: This space is not a venue. It was created for the Student Design Teams.

The SDC staff is available to answer questions, however, we are not responsible for any organizing/ordering/arranging or management of your event.

In order to be fair to our student teams, we ask that you respect the following guidelines:

  • Bookings can only be done within the current term. You cannot book into the next term, unless discussed with the SDC staff.
  • You may start booking in the 2nd week of each term as the student design teams will have the first week to book their weekly team meetings.
  • The rooms are not to be booked for teaching a course as they are not classrooms. Please use the classrooms that you were assigned by the Registrar’s office for your course.
  • The rooms are self-service rooms, meaning:
    • The door/projector remote codes are to be given out by your administrative person
    • If your meeting produces large amounts of garbage/recycling, you are responsible for cleaning it up. Custodial staff only empties the garbage cans in the rooms once a week unless you call them and pay to arrange a special cleaning.
    • If catering is ordered for your meeting, please remember they do not clean up any spills/mess. This is your responsibility and it should be done in a timely manner in case there is a meeting following yours.
    • There is no on-site technical support for the AV equipment
    • The rooms do not have phones. If you require a conference phone, you must arrange it through IST
    • If you need extension cords, cleaning products etc, you must bring them to your meeting from your own department.

Room #2004

Accommodates 60 people – has a ceiling mounted data projector, a screen and chalk board.

Room #2007

Accommodates 25 people – has a ceiling mounted data projector, screen and white board. 

Room #2103

Accommodates 14 people – has a screen and a chalk board only. 

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