Mark Servos in Moose River, ON

Mark Servos, Professor

Canada Research Chair in Water Quality Protection

Leslie in the field

Leslie Bragg

Environmental Chemist and Lab Manager

Hadi on the Grand River

Hadi Dhiyebi

Water Quality and Ecotoxicology Biologist

Dr Patricija Marjan

Dr. Patricija Marjan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Robert Liang

Dr. Robert Liang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Brian Youden

Brian Youden

PhD Candidate


Hillary Quinn-Austin

MSc Candidate


Samina Hayat

MSc Candidate


Kirsten Nikel

MSc Candidate


Jacqueline Peters

MSc Candidate

Melimoyu 2020

Erika Burton

MSc Candidate

Dongchang in the lab

Dongchang Yang

MSc Candidate

Samantha Deeming

Samantha Deeming

MSc Candidate


Undergraduate Students


Volunteers helping in the field.




Nivetha Srikanthan

MSc (Graduated Fall 2019)


Ivana Jaciw-Zurakowsky

MASc (Graduated 2019)


Erika Burton

Undergraduate Thesis

Maricor Arlos in Banff

Maricor Arlos

PhD (Graduated 2018)

Michael Dunning

Michael Dunning

MSc (Graduated 2017)

Patricija sampling

Patricija Marjan

PhD (Graduated fall 2017)

Jess Kidd with a Brown Trout

Jess Kidd

MSc Candidate (Graduated Summer 2017)

Keegan sampling in the Speed River

Keegan Hicks

PhD (Graduated Spring 2017)

Maghan sampling in the trailer

Meghan Fuzzen

PhD (Graduated fall 2016)

Katie McCann climbing

Katie McCann

MSc (Graduated Fall 2016)

Alexandra Crichton (Alumni)

Alexandra Crichton

MSc (Graduated Spring 2016)

Dennis Curry

Dennis Curry

MSc (Graduated Summer 2016)

Keegan Hicks

Keegan Hicks, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Alumni)


Gerald Tetreault, PhD

Research Associate (Alumni)

Shine Xu Zhang

Xu (Shine) Zhang, PhD

CIHR PDF (Alumni)

Jessica on Lake Superior

Jessica Mendoza

MSc (Graduated Fall 2015)

Shari on Jackfish Bay

Shari Cater

MSc (Graduated Fall 2013)

Maricor taking a water sample

Maricor Arlos

MASc (Graduated Fall 2013)

Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith

MSc (Graduated Spring 2013)