Environmental Chemist and Lab Manager

Research Interests

Leslie is the Servos lab research manager.  She’s responsible for all of the lab management, financial planning, ordering supplies and equipment and hiring undergrad students for work study and co-op positions.  She’s involved in all of the various research projects in the laboratory in some way.  She is often found organizing and coordinating field work such as electrofishing, river sampling and waste water treatment plant sampling. 

She is also an environmental analytical chemist experienced with our analytical equipment (GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, HPLC etc.).  She is involved in method development, extraction, analysis and detection of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, endocrine distuptors and other emerging contaminants throughout the Grand River watershed or from waste water treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants and various other fish or water samples.


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Leslie Bragg electrofishing at West MontroseLeslie

University of Waterloo