Our group has a wide variety of instruments and equipment available to support research and training in ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry:

#Trace Analysis

#Biological Analysis

#Field Sampling

#Wet Lab


Trace Analysis:


Our lab is well equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for trace analysis of organic contaminants including emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, hormones (estrogens/androgens) and industrial contaminants.

  • 2 Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometers (LC-MS/MS)

Agilent 6460 LC-MS/MS

Sciex 3200 Qtrap LC-MS/MS

  • Gas Chromatograph - Mass Selective Detector (GC-MSD)

Agilent GC-MS

  • LC-Fraction Collector for EDA (identifying bioactive chemicals)

Agilent 1260 HPLC with Fraction Collector

  • Automatic sample preparation

Dionex Autotrace

Rocket evaporator

  • Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE)

Dionex ASE

Biological Analysis:

We have facilities and instruments to conduct a wide variety of physiological, biochemical and gene expression endpoints.

  • qPCR

Biorad qPCR, Agilent Tapestation and Biorad Thermal Cycler

  • Histology

Leica Microtome

  • Scintillation counter                              Plate readers

Perkin Elmer Tri Carb 3110 Scintillation Counter

Molecular Devices M3 Plate Reader

  • Microscopes                                Centrifuges and general lab tools

Various microscopes


Field Sampling:

We have the capacity to collect a wide variety of filed samples, including effluent, water, fish and other aquatic animals.

  • 2 Trucks (F150, F250)
  • Mobile sampling trailer
  • On-site ecotoxicology trailer
  • Variety of boats, including electrofishing boat
  • Backpack electrofishing and punts (GPP)

Electrofishing boatSample trailer and truck

Sample Trailer

Wet Lab:

We can hold and breed a variety of aquatic animals (e.g. fish) in our laboratory facilities. In addition we can conduct controlled ecotoxicology studies.

  • Continuous dilutors for fish exposures
  • Fish holding tanks

Wet Lab


In addition we have access to instruments and equipment from other labs across campus and in our many other collaborations.