Past members

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students

Name (term) Thesis title Current position

Ayman Hamouda

(2010 – 2015)

Design Techniques for Lithography-Friendly Nanometer CMOS ICs (co-supervised with Dr. Mohab Anis) Senior Engineer, IBM (NY)

Kyung-Wook Shin (2009-2014)

Silicon X-ray Detector with Integrated TFT Readout Scientist, Argonne National Labs, USA

​Umar Shafique (2009 - 2014)

Organic semiconductor detector for large area digital imaging

Postdoctoral fellow, ecole polytechnique de montreal

Shiva Abbaszadeh (2009 - 2014) Indirect conversion amorphous selenium (a-Se) photodetectors for medical imaging applications Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University
Nicholas Allec (2008 - 2012) Multilayer energy discriminating detector for medical x-ray imaging applications Design Engineer, Apple, CA
Yuan Fang (2008-2013) Monte-Carlo transport methods for semiconductor x-ray imaging detectors Lead review of Medical Devices, US Food and Drug Administration
Michael Adachi (2007 - 2012) Development and characterization of plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) grown silicon nanowires for thin film photovoltaics Process Engineer, IBM, NYC
Amir Goldan (2006 - 2011) Unipolar charge-sensing for evaporated large-area solid-state photoconductors for digital radiography Research instructor of Radiology, Stony Brook Medicine, NY, USA
Mohammed Yazdandoost (2008 - 2011) Photon quantum noise limited pixel and array architectures in amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology for large area digital imaging Sensing systems architect, Apple, USA
Hadi Izadi (2003-10) Multi-mode pixel architectures for large-area real-time x-ray imaging Senior Engineer, Kardium, Vancouver Canada
Afrin Sultana (2005 - 2009) Amorphous silicon based large area detector for protein crystallography Senior device engineer, Intel Corporation
Nader Safavian (2005 - 2009) Current programmed active pixel sensors for large area diagnostic x-ray imaging Senior imaging circuit engineer, ON Semiconductor
Farhad Taghibakhsh (2004 - 2008) Active pixel sensor architectures for high resolution, large area, digital imaging System designer, Qualcomm, USA

Master of Applied Science (MASc) students

Name (term) Thesis title Current position
Parsfar, Alireza (2012 – 2015) Design and Implementation of a High Resolution CMOS X-Ray Imager with Amorphous Selenium Sensor (co-supervised with Peter Levine) Engineer, Intel, Toronto Canada
Ghaffari, Saeedeh (2012 – 2014) Characterization of high gain selenium X-ray detectors for indirect X-ray imaging Manufacturing Engineer, Silfab, Mississauga, Canada

Ryan Mann (2012 - 2014)

Evaluation of digital x-ray imaging technologies for tuberculosis screening Systems engineer, Pneumavision
Sina Ghanbarzadeh (2011 - 2013) High performance, low cost lateral metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector for large area indirect x-ray imaging Device engineer, Pneumavision
Rasoul Keshavarzi (2009 - 2012) Development of external readout circuitry for digital x-ray imager Lab instructor, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Waterloo
Bahman Hadji (2008 - 2010) Evaluation of a direct detection selenium complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) 8x8 passive pixel sensor array for digital x-ray imaging applications Product marketing engineer, OmniVision Technologies
Dali Wu (2008-2010) Noise analysis and measurement for current mode and voltage mode active pixel sensor readout methods Imaging engineer, Aptina, San Jose, USA
Ida Khodami (2006 - 2007) Short wavelength hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si):H photodetector for bio-molecular fragment sizing Senior engineer, Illumina Inc, San Diego, USA
Michael Adachi (2005 - 2007) Low temperature thin film silicon solar cells prepared by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition Postdoctoral fellow, University of Toronto
Lydia Tse (2004-2007) Low temperature p+ nc-Si:H (positively doped hydrogenated nano-crystalline silicon) window layers for large area thin-film solar cells Senior test engineer, GLI Asia, Hong Kong
Golnaz Sanaie (2003 - 2006) Low noise high dynamic range pixel architecture in amorphous silicon technology for diagnostic medical imaging applications Reliability manager, Schneider Electric, Vancouver, Canada
Mingyuan Zhao (2003 - 2005) Self-aligned polysilicon gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor for large area electronics Product engineer, RF Microdevices, North Carolina, USA
Ottaviani, Tony (2003 - 2005) Column readout circuitry for amorphous silicon pixel amplifiers for digital imaging Senior engineer, Alcatel-Lucent, Ottawa, Canada

Postdoctoral fellows (PDF)

Name (term) Research Current position
Sheikh Hasibul Majid (2009-2012) Large area amorphous selenium detectors for digital x-ray imaging applications Assistant professor, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Feng Chen (2009-2010) Development of nano-scale solid state frisch grids Process engineer, Ignis Innovation, Waterloo, Canada
Kai Wang (2008-2011) Development of low dark current amorphous selenium x-ray photoconductor Imaging pixel engineer, Apple, Cupertino, USA
Manju Malhotra (2004 - 2005) Hot-wire chemical vapor deposition (CVD) deposited semiconductor films for imaging and photovoltaics Teacher, Oxford Learning Center, Vancouver, Canada