January 2018

Interdisciplinarity and internationalization in energy: Insights from my own UK Mission (September 2018)

Group shot of speakers at BIEE in Oxford UK

Energy sustainability is a pressing global issue. There is a growing consensus that addressing the ‘energy trilemma’ on a global scale calls for more transnational, multi-stakeholder collaboration and interdisciplinary research.

NEST Network Mission to the United States

Canadian NESTNet delegates with US host, Imre Gyuk

During the last week of September 2018, five members of the NEST Network travelled to the United States in order to learn about energy storage research activities going on ‘south of the border’ and to identify areas for potential future cooperation. This trip was a key part of the Network’s broader internationalization strategy.

NESTNet Mission to the UK - March 2018

NESTNet Representatives

Internationalizing research has come to be seen to be critical.  It takes the best minds from around the world – each bringing their own insights, wisdom, and experiences – to tackle the world’s most pressing problems and its most exciting opportunities.  Increasingly, collaborative, transnational research is vital to knowledge breakthroughs.

NEST Network 2018 Winter School

Winter School participants, Shawinigan, Quebec

On Wednesday, February 21st, Project 4.6 participants Dr. James Gaede (post-doctoral fellow) and Dr. Ian Rowlands (principal investigator) travelled, with others, to Shawinigan, Quebec to participate in the NEST Network 2018 Winter School.

In addition to the Network’s annual meeting (held in June every year in Toronto, Ontario), the Winter School provides an opportunity for smaller groups of Network researchers to come together to share results, to explore potential joint projects, and to build further the collaborative nature of the Network.