Co-op students alternate between academic and work terms for the duration of their degree. When those terms fall depends on what co-op sequence you follow, when you started at UW, and your major. Students must take a minimum of four work terms within their designated sequence.

Please visit the Arts Co-op Website to see examples of different sequences.

Note: if you began your degree off-sequence (e.g. Winter 2020) and are interested in Honours Arts Co-op, please connect with your SDS advisor to discuss feasibility. 

Sequence Changes 

Sometimes situations arise where co-op students need to change their co-op sequence. This may be due to being offered an 8-month job, illness/delay in academic requirements, etc. Administrative approval is required to deviate from a standard sequence.

Students must sign and date the co-op sequence change form prior to submitting it to their academic advisor. The advisor will approve the sequence and/or connect with you if the proposed change significantly impacts your academic plan. Final approval of the change is done by each Faculty’s co-op representative.

Information on sequence changes (including the required form) can be found on the Arts Co-op Website. Be sure to review the 2nd page of the sequence form for additional details.