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Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo is a stimulating and expanding department, and consists of sociologists and socio-legal scholars engaging in innovative teaching styles and research programs.

Sociology is the study of social life and the social, economic, and political dynamics and dimensions of social relations and social change.

Legal studies is the study of law which is central to everything we do - how we carry on business, how we treat the environment, how we shape our governments and how we deal with other people.

This web site gives an overview of the teaching and research in sociology and legal studies at the University of Waterloo.

  1. Mar. 20, 2017March Break Open House 2017March break open house 2017

    March Break Open House (MBOH) 2017 took place on Saturday March 18.

    Sociology and Legal Studies student volunteers joined by Dr. Rashmee Singh, Dr. Suzan Ilcan and Porcellino. 

  2. Feb. 10, 2017Lorne L. Dawson (Principle Investigator) Awarded $256,950.46 Research Grant

    Lorne L. Dawson (Principle Investigator) 2017-2019 “Foreign Fighter Radicalization: Advanced Primary Data Acquisition and Analysis” (with A Amarasingam and D Ruths). Community Resilience Fund, Public Safety Canada, $256,950.46.

  3. Dec. 6, 2016Dr. Kate Henne awarded research grant, Australian Research Council - $357,000 AUD

    Kate is the principal and sole investigator on this grant which is entitled: Tackling a Silent Epidemic: Traumatic Brain Injury and Regulatory Science. It is a three-year research grant from the Australian Research Council in the amount of 357,000 AUD.

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Meet our people

Owen Gallupe

Assistant Professor

Owen GallupePhD Criminology (Simon Fraser)
MA Sociology (Queen's)
BA (Guelph)

Research and teaching areas

Teaching areas:

  • Statistics
  • Research methods
  • Juvenile delinquency

Research areas:

  • Offending dynamics
  • Substance use
  • Social networks
  • Criminological theory

Current research

My research has mostly focused on examining the relationship between peers and offending using a variety of approaches (e.g., social network analysis, surveys, experiments). I have also done some research on drug dealing and gang networks.

Selected publications

  • Gallupe, O., Nguyen, H., Bouchard, M., Schulenberg, J. L., Chenier, A., & Cook, K. D. (2016). An experimental test of deviant modeling. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 53(4), 482-505.
  • Gallupe, O. (In press). The influence of popular and delinquent adolescents on school delinquency: Specifying the key delinquent models. Journal of Crime and Justice.
  • Panebianco, D., Gallupe, O., Carrington, P. J., & Colozzi, I. (2016). Personal support networks, social capital, and risk of relapse among individuals treated for substance use issues. International Journal of Drug Policy, 27, 146-153. 
  • Panebianco, D., Gallupe, O., Carrington, P., & Colozzi, I. (In press). Personal support networks, social capital, and risk of relapse among treated drug addicts. International Journal of Drug Policy. DOI: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2015.09.009
  • Gallupe, O., Bouchard, M, & Davies, G. (2015). Delinquent displays and social status among adolescents. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 57(4), 439-474.
  • Hofmann, D., & Gallupe, O. (2015). Leadership protection in drug-trafficking networks. Global Crime, 16(2), 123-138.
  • Gallupe, O., & Bouchard, M. (2015). The influence of positional and experienced social benefits on the relationship between peers and alcohol use. Rationality & Society, 27(1), 40-69.
  • Gallupe, O. (2014). Social status versus coping as motivation for alcohol use. Journal of Youth Studies, 17(1), 79-91.
  • Gallupe, O., & Baron, S. (2014). Morality, self-control, deterrence and drug use: Street youths and situational action theory. Crime and Delinquency. 60(2), 284-305.
  • Gallupe, O., & Bouchard, M. (2013). Adolescent parties and substance use: Situational peer influences on substance use. Journal of Criminal Justice, 41(3), 162-171.
  • Gallupe, O., Bouchard, M., & Caulkins, J.P. (2011). No change is a good change? Restrictive deterrence in illegal drug markets. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39(1), 81-89.
  • Gallupe, O. & Baron, S. (2009). Street youth, relational strain, and drugs. Journal of Drug Issues, 39, 524-545.
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