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Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme and team awarded $167,000.00 SSHRC IG 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Assistant Professor Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme, along with team members Paul Bramadat, University of Victoria (PI); Lynne Marks, University of Victoria (Co-R); Michael Wilkinson, Trinity Western University (Co-R), have won a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Insight Grant (SSHRC IG) in the amount of $167,000.00. 

The project, entitled Religion, Spirituality, Secularity, and Society in the Pacific Northwest, provides theoretical insights and empirical data that illustrates the ways Cascadian narratives associated with the natural world, the sacred, social change, relationships with institutions, and national identity exist and interact within a region that is also influenced by global forces associated with individualism, cosmopolitanism, transnationalism, and modernization.

The period of the grant is from April 2017 - March 2021. 

Congratulations Co-researcher Sarah Willkins-Laflamme!