colourful leafPhD (Toronto)
MA (Toronto)
AB (Harvard)

Research and teaching areas

  • Social networks and criminal networks
  • Youth crime and youth justice
  • Criminology and criminal justice

Courses regularly taught

  • LS/SOC 306 Juvenile Justice
  • SOC 310/760 Social Networks
  • LS/SOC 428 Sentencing as a Social Process
  • SOC 744 Sociology of Crime and Justice

Current research

  • Co-offending and criminal networks
  • Delinquent and criminal careers
  • The impact of the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Selected Publications 

  • Bala, Nicholas and Peter J. Carrington. Forthcoming. “Canada”. In Scott Decker and Nerea Marteache (eds.), International Handbook of Juvenile Justice, 2nd ed. Springer.
  • van Mastrigt, Sarah B. and Peter J. Carrington. Forthcoming. “Co-offending”. In David P. Farrington, Lila Kazemian, and Alex R. Piquero (eds.), The Oxford Handbook on Developmental and Life-Course Criminology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Ayala, Aurelio and Peter J. Carrington. 2016. “Interdependence and colonization: Métis auxiliaries and the North-West Mounted Police, 1874-1895”. Great Plains Quarterly 36(2): 101-130.
  • Carrington, Peter J. 2016. “Log-linear distance models of homophily in small groups”. Methodological Innovations 9: 1-10. doi: 10.1177/205979911562274.
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  • Carrington, Peter J., S. Brennan, A. Matarazzo and M. Radulescu, Co-offending in Canada, 2011. Juristat. Cat. No. 85-005X. Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 2013. At: Published in French as La complicité dans la délinquance au Canada, 2011.
  • Carrington, Peter J. and Sarah B. van Mastrigt, “Co-offending in Canada, England, and the United States: A Cross-National Comparison”. Global Crime 14(2-3)(2013): 123-140.
  • Carrington, Peter J., “Trends in the seriousness of youth crime in Canada, 1984-2011.” Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 55(2)(2013): 293-314."

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