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Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar

Important Note: It is the responsibility of the student, to ensure that all requirements for graduation have been met

Schedule of Classes | Course Descriptions and Course Notes

Important Dates Calendar | Calendar of Events and Academic Deadlines

Undergraduate Studies Forms | Co-operative Education Forms

Advisors in Arts | Graduation and Convocation

Calendar of Events

Refer to the Calendar of Events and Academic Deadlines in the Undergrad Calendar for all term deadlines. You can find additional Important Dates on the Registrar's Office webpage.

Withdrawing from a course will not be detrimental to your average. A WD will appear on your transcript. You will be able to take a course in the upcoming S19 term, if you are keeping on track with a 4 year/ 10 course per year timeline to complete your degree requirements of 40 courses. A WF carries a mark of 32%.

Degree & plan requirements

Students can plan, forecast & confirm that they are meeting or have met their plan requirements with the Undergraduate Calendar>Faculty of Arts>Arts Academic Plans http://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/group/uWaterloo-List-of-Undergraduate-Calendars

**Remember Major/minor courses effect the Major/minor plan averages. Other/extra courses (breadth requirements) effect overall GPA or term averages.

  • You will need at least 20.00 units, which is most commonly 40 courses for 4 year plans. (Count how many 0.5 unit courses you have)
  • You will need all of your BA Breadth requirements (Check carefully, DO NOT assume they have been met)
  • You will need all of your Major/Minor plan requirements (Pay attention to the differences in plans, if you have switched from 2014)
  • LS students following plans prior to 2017 will need to meet the LS Breadth requirements.

Requesting a change to your sequence, Major or minor plan?

You will need to complete a form and submit it to me to review for approval, when any change to your plan is requested:

Students requesting a sequence change will need to submit a completed/signed Sequence Change Form to SOC & LS Advisor to be reviewed for approval. Form available on the CECA webpage.

Students requesting a plan change will need to submit a completed/signed Plan Modification Form to the SOC & LS Advisor to be reviewed for approval,. Form available on the Registrar’s Office Undergraduate Forms webpage.

Enrolment problems in Quest

If you are having Enrolment Problems in Arts, please consult the Faculty of Arts webpage for solutions.

Academic Standing

If there are concerns regarding your grades you will be contacted, by email, in the first month of the term. If you are not contacted by me and would like to confirm your standing, you can view your official grades and standing decision at the end of the first month of each term.

Selecting courses

A good rule of thumb is to take required courses, at your current level (200, 300, 400), when they are being offered throughout your progression and then choose your electives.

  • Students can choose courses that meet their Major/minor requirements, BA Breadth requirements or BA courses to be counted toward the 40 total courses required.
  • You may take either offering of cross-listed courses
  • Pre-requisites will not be overridden. You will need to take the prerequisite course in order to select a course, if required.

Please note: Sociology required courses: SOC 202 (F only) and SOC 302 (W only)

Schedule of Classes: http://www.adm.uwaterloo.ca/infocour/CIR/SA/under.html

Enrolment problems for courses that are STJ, REN, CGC, Online: https://uwaterloo.ca/arts/undergraduate/student-support/course-selection/enrolment-problems-and-course-overrides I cannot give permissions for courses offered through other campuses or departments.

There are no guarantees courses selected, transition through to enrolment. There may have been a time conflict or the course was full. You will need to choose an alternative course of interest. If you have “Fees Owing” your enrolment will be affected (examples are tuition, parking tickets, library fees).

400 Level courses

Students may take 400 level courses in their last 11 courses of the 40 required for BA degree requirements:

Students in 3rd  year will not be approved to take 400 level courses.




The Registrar’s Office provides a comprehensive checklist that you can follow. Your first step would be to submit an application to graduate according to the deadlines below:

  • November 1 - December 1 for spring Convocation (if degree requirements are completed during the fall term)
  • November 1 - March 1 for spring Convocation (if degree requirements are completed during the winter term)
  • June 1 - August 1 for fall Convocation (if degree requirements are completed during the spring term)

More information can also be found on the Faculty of Arts website.

Law School Information

For applications to an Ontario school you will use OLSAS.
Below you will find a list of resources that you can take advantage of, here on campus:

Advisors at the Centre for Career Action

Guidance through the application process

The Writing Centre

Writing the Personal Statement

Legal Studies Society
Email: legalstudiessociety@gmail.com | Website: lss.uwaterloo.ca 

LSAT/pre-law school admissions information