Fall 2022 *opens July 25, 9 am EDT*


1. Please review the "course advice" and "enrolment problems and overrides" sections on our FAQ webpage before filling out the form.

2. If a course you wish to enrol in is full or you wish to request an override (you don't meet the reserves, prerequisite, etc.), please follow the instructions below:

  • If the Campus Location (Camp Loc) on the Schedule of Classes:
    • Ends with a "J" (“ONLNJ” or "STJ J"): contact the instructor directly. For LS 101 online or if no instructor is listed, please email the St. Jerome's University advisor.
    • Ends with a "R" (“ONLNR” or "REN R"): place your name on Renison’s online waiting list.
    • Ends with a "G" (“ONLNG” or "CGC G"): contact the instructor directly.
  • For LS and/or SOC courses cross-listed with other subjects at UWaterloo (ex. PSCI), follow the instructions in those subjects' sections on the Arts enrolment problems and course overrides webpage
  • For all other LS and/or SOC courses at UWaterloo with Campus Location (Camp Loc) “ONLN” (ending with “N”) or "UW U", please fill out the web form below.

3. This waiting list is for core (required) SOC and LS courses only (ex. SOC/LS 322), not electives (ex. SOC/LS 423). If you wish to enroll in an elective but are unsuccessful, see step #1. If the course has space on Quest and you meet all the requisite, reserve, and time conditions, then please email us.

4. Please keep an eye on your email, as you will be sent a permission number if we are able to offer you a spot in your requested course. The permission number will only be valid for 2 days, so timely attention to your email is necessary. We cannot guarantee you a spot if you miss your 2-day period.

Important Notes

  • Waiting list submission does not guarantee you will be able to enrol in your course of choice. If we are able to accommodate your request, we will send you a permission number.

  • Please do not submit duplicate requests. Your submission will be time-stamped. Duplicate requests will not increase your chance of being enrolled into the course, and will only slow down the enrolment process. Duplicate requests include requesting both a course and its cross-listing (ex. SOC 222 and LS 222) as these are the same courses.

  • No reserves will be overridden for students in level 3B or below requesting 400 level courses.

  • We are unable to override time conflicts or unit loads.

  • It is your responsibility to email us if you want your name removed from a waiting list.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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Please be honest. Only pick the "core course" option if you actually need this specific course to graduate on time (ex. requesting a core course like SOC/LS 322). Pick the "year level" reason if you don't have enough additional courses at that year level ( ex. LS 400-level) to graduate on time. Pick the "interest" reason if none of the other options apply. Please enroll in alternative courses in case you can't get into the course you want.