Double Major: Sociology and Legal Studies

Want the marketability of a Legal Studies degree with the breadth of a Sociology degree? We make it easy to do both! Many of the courses we offer are cross-listed between Sociology and Legal Studies programs, which reduces the number of courses required to complete both Majors at once. Use the space this creates to pick up a minor or expand your breadth courses. Our cross-listed courses include:

  • Research Methods (221)
  • Juvenile Delinquency (222)
  • Deviance: Perspectives and Processes (223)
  • Criminology (227)
  • Terrorism (240)
  • Organized Crime (263)
  • Social Statistics (280)
  • Field Research Methods (322)
  • Sexuality and the Law (325)
  • Punishment and Society (326)
  • Policing in a Democratic Society (327)

You can add work experience to your double honours major by enrolling in our departmental co-op program through Sociology - one of the few departmental co-op programs offered in the Faculty of Arts.

Those accepted to co-op will have their first work terms at the end of year two. Students then alternate between academic terms and paid work terms.

Academic term/work term sequence

                             F = Fall; W = Winter; S = Spring/Summer
Academic term F W S F W S F W S F W F F
Work term 1A 1B OFF 2A* 2B WT1 3A WT2 3B WT3 4A WT4 4B

*Co-op application should be made in the 2A term, with registration status beginning in 2B and the first work term scheduled for the spring term of the second year of study.

For more information about the double major, contact: