Double Major: Sociology and Legal Studies

Want the marketability of a Legal Studies degree with the breadth of a Sociology degree? We make it easy to do both! Many of the courses we offer are cross-listed between Sociology and Legal Studies programs, which reduces the number of courses required to complete both Majors at once. Use the space this creates to pick up a minor or expand your breadth courses. Our cross-listed courses include:

  • Research Methods (221)
  • Juvenile Delinquency (222)
  • Deviance: Perspectives and Processes (223)
  • Criminology (227)
  • Terrorism (240)
  • Organized Crime (263)
  • Social Statistics (280)
  • Field Research Methods (322)
  • Sexuality and the Law (325)
  • Punishment and Society (326)
  • Policing in a Democratic Society (327)

You can add work experience to your double honours major by enrolling in our departmental co-op program through Sociology and/or Legal Studies.

Those accepted to co-op will have their first work terms at the end of year two. Students then alternate between academic terms and paid work terms.

For more information about the double major, contact: