A student walking through libarary book isles.


Academic advisors are regularly available to help students with academic issues such as: 

  • Declaring a major and/or minor in Sociology and/or Legal Studies
  • Adding co-op
  • Course enrolment issues
  • Taking courses at other institutions
  • Degree requirements
  • Student success
  • Petitions

To connect with the Sociology and Legal Studies advisor, please email sl-ug@uwaterloo.ca.

The Centre

The Centre is a student services unit (help desk). They can assist with forms, documents, administrative needs, award and financial inquiries.

It includes combines the front-line services of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA), Student Financial Services (SFS), the Registrar’s Office (RO), Student Awards & Financial Aid (SAFA), Student Success Office (SSO), etc.

Library Resources

The Sociology and Legal Studies subject guide links you to select resources in Sociology and Legal Studies that are available for University of Waterloo students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions, contact the SOC and LS librarian.

Senior Honours Essay

Our guidelines for the sociology senior honours essay is a great resource for our students. The senior honours essay is an option for year four Sociology majors.

Student Societies

The Sociology Society and the Legal Studies Society student groups on campus that foster a sense of community and host a variety of academic and social events. Please consider joining them and following them on social media.