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We have a wide array of resources for our students.

Student Handbook


Our academic advisors are regularly available to help students with academic issues such as: 

  • Declaring a Sociology, Legal Studies, or Joint Sociology and Legal Studies major
  • Adding co-op to a Sociology or Joint Sociology and Legal Studies major
  • Adding a minor
  • Course selection
  • Degree requirements


The Registrar's Office maintains frequently used forms, including:

  • Course Override
  • Plan Modification
  • Intention to Graduate
  • Petition

If you have any questions about which form to use, how to submit it, or documentation you might need with the form, drop by PAS or send an email to your undergraduate advisor.

Student Awards and Financial Aid

The student awards and financial aid office provides financial support, information, assist with the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and advice to help students achieve their post-secondary goals.

Library Resources

The sociology and legal studies subject guide links you to select resources in sociology and legal studies that are available for University of Waterloo students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions, contact your sociology and legal studies liaison librarian, Sarah Brown.

Senior Honours Essay

Our guidelines for the sociology senior honours essay is a great resource for our honours students. The senior honours essay is the culmination of the honours academic plan in sociology and it is an option in the 4 year academic plan.

You are asked to demonstrate that you have learned something from courses in theory, methods, and "content" courses by writing a report based on original research in the form of your senior honours essay.

This research may take the form of:

  • collecting and analyzing some data, or
  • analyzing in a new way data collected by someone else, or
  • criticizing, elaborating or extending some area of sociological theory

The research done for your seniors essay is done in consultation with a member of the faculty in the department of sociology. (if in a joint honours academic plan, the faculty member may be from either department).