A computer showing a graphThe Advanced Glazing System Laboratory (AGSL) and the Solar Thermal Research Laboratory (STRL) undertake a wide range of research spanning many modes of activity - experimentation, numerical analysis, model and simplified model development, advanced theory, etc. Much of the work is directed toward the eventual formulation of computer code and simulation tools. 

The AGSL and STRL maintain a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment including:

Guarded heater plate apparatusGuarded heater plate apparatus 

Very accurate measurements of heat transfer associated with many different components. Examples include the measurement of centre-glass U-value (Wright and Sullivan 1989), the characterization of fill-gas motion in glazing cavities (Wright and Sullivan 1994, 1995), the quantification of edge-seal thermal resistance (Wright and Sullivan 1989), the measurement of thermal conductivity for various materials (Carpenter and Wright 1996) and the thermal resistance across glazing cavities that contain venetian blinds (Huang et al. 2006).

Broad Area Illuminated Integrating Sphere (BAI-IS)Broad area illuminated integrating sphere (BAI-IS) 

A unique apparatus capable of measuring the directional and spectral transmittance and reflectance of spacially non-uniform samples. Useful examples include honeycomb convection suppression layers and venetian blinds (Kotey et al. 2009, Collins and Jiang 2008).

UV/visible/near-infrared spectrophotometerUltraviolet/visible/near-infrared spectrophotometer

This spectrophotometer is capable of measuring spectral transmission and reflection between 0.17 and 3.30 micrometers with exceptional resolution and repeatability. Scanning attachments include diffuse reflectance and directional reflectance accessories, which facilitate a number of surface measurement options.  

Fourier Transform Infrared Reflectometer (FTIR) spectrometer Fourier Transform Infrared Reflectometer (FTIR) spectrometer 

A FTIR is used to determine the total emittance of samples. The measurement is a spectral measurement (from 2 to 25 micrometers).

Infrared and solar reflectometersInfrared and solar reflectometers

The labs currently maintain a Gier Dunkle DB-100 Infrared Reflectometer, and a Gier Dunkle MS-251  Solar Reflectometer. These devices facilitate a broadband measurement of longwave and solar reflectivity, respectively.

Rooftop solar panelsRooftop test facility 

The laboratories maintain a 20 m2 test platform on the roof of the PRC building for in-situ testing of PV, solar thermal, and window systems.

Heat pump assisted solar systems Heat pump assisted solar systems

The STRL facilities include a test platform for investigating heat pump assisted solar thermal systems. The test platform can handle multiple system configurations, weather profiles, water usage patterns, and control strategies.

Drain water heat recovery systemDrain water heat recovery

The labs maintain a test platform for investigating ​drain water heat recovery (DWHR) systems. The test platform is currently being used to conduct Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification for Canadian DWHR system manufacturers.


The lab currently employs expertise in the transient system simulation tool (TRNSYS), FLUENT, and esp-r software packages.