SPAN 344 - Legacies of Testimonio

SPAN 344 - Legacies of Testimonio: From Latin American to Transnational Stories and Memories

Offered in the Winter 2023 term, this course will introduce you to the Testimonio genre, both its traditional and contemporary forms. Testimonial literature was originally recognized for its condemnatory stories used to inform and create socio-political awareness, but also to foster a call for change. The Testimonio genre today continues to be the model for artistic–individual and collective–representations that communicate discourses advocating against human rights violations and socio-political struggles in Latin America and beyond. This literary genre continues to be, nonetheless, devoted to the personal, political, cultural, and social contexts within which it is produced. In our course, a special emphasis will be given to Latino-Canadian artists who write using testimonial characteristics while communicating activist perspectives that censure not only socio-political struggles in Latin America, but also in Canada.


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