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Entrepreneurship: What to build beyond your startup

When: June 9, 2017 Time: 3-5 pm, Location: QNC 1502 

This session will focus on building a solid foundation for all your future endeavors (whether entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial) and assist you in achieving your aspirations. You will be encouraged to explore and expand your growth mindset as you are asked to examine your core values and motivations. Established founder teams will gain insight into their "founder framework" and be able to immediately apply key findings to improve their personal effectiveness. 

Who should attend: Everyone is welcome especially Engineering undergraduates (3A and above preferred), graduates, faculty members and alumni. Founder teams with established startups (or with startup ideas) who want access to advisors/mentoring for possible funding opportunities are encouraged to attend. 

Session Leaders:  Lyon Wong, Carolyn MacGregor and Wayne Chang.

RSVP to attend. Please email Mari-Beth with your name, program and year. 

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