What participants have to say about Pop Up Class #1 - Problem Identification

 At the Spectrum 28 Pop Up Class #1, I actually heard from real entrepreneurs that knew what they were talking about, rather than just speculating on what makes a startup founder successful. Hearing from them inspired me to continue being hungry as I build my own company and hope to make my dream a reality.

Peter Gokhshteyn, Systems Design Engineering 3A

This was a must attend session even if you do not have an idea for a startup. It is important to learn the challenges that people face and also the workarounds for these challenges.

Arjun Banta, Management Engineering, 1st year Graduate Student

It is an insightful and honest experience!

David Wong, MME, MASc

As entrepreneurial students, one of the greatest hindrances to starting a venture is the process of accurately understanding and evaluating the problems that the biggest industries in the world face. Pop Up Class #1 served as an opportunity for participants to develop mental models of those industries so that they can begin developing disruptive

Chris Grouchy, recent graduate

What participants have to say about Pop Up Class #2 - Founder's Traits 

This class pushes you to really bring out the best in yourself. For me, I was able to leave with a refreshed perspective on my goals, one that is much clearer and inspires confidence from within. I have been able to refine the direction of my company such that it draws upon the strength of my core passion. More concretely, the concepts taught in this class are tools that anyone can put into action to achieve their peak efficiency and satisfaction in life.

Kyle Faller, Mechanical Engineering, 2A

I think this was the most enlightening event I've ever attended at Waterloo, and I've attended a lot of events! Lyon is genuine and has an incredible wealth of experience to help you succeed.

Kevin Michael, Systems Design 3A

 Many programs exists to facilitate student for entrepreneurship. However, no program determines if one has what it takes. This program will help you in that process.

Mohammad-Mahdi Sharif, Civil Engineering, 2nd Year Masters 

Thank You Lyon Wong and the Spectrum 28 Student Venture program team. It was very insightful and extremely motivational. This is a must-go-to class if you ever want to truly push your boundaries and limits to achieve your personal best!

Maryam, Masters  of Architecture

What participants have to say about Fast Feedback Day 

Fast Feedback Day is a unique opportunity to get your idea in front of real people who can provide real advice on how you can improve your business idea. The variety of experiences and expertise on the feedback panel was great for providing analysis of your business from different perspectives, and the feedback structure provided actionable steps
for how to improve afterward.

Ryan Marchewka, Nanotechnology Engineering 

It was an amazing experience to get diverse opinions and feedback on my venture from successful entrepreneurs, VCs and professors. We were given a lot to think about with our startup.

Jack Liu, Mechanical Engineering 4B

Fast Feedback Day taught me a lot about the bar that is required when in talks with a real VC. It also gave me valuable insight into which parts of my business idea and hypotheses require digging deeper.

Kevin Michael, Systems Design Engineering 3A

The fast feedback was a good opportunity to quickly gain insights into our next steps that need to be prioritised.

Sameer Khan, MBET 2016

It is an amazing program! I am lucky to be involved with it. If you aren't already involved, but you are interested in entrepreneurship, then getting involved in this program should be your Number 1 priority!

Chanakya Ramdev, Management Engineering