UWSA Working Groups

Purpose: A UWSA Working Group is intended to allow the Board of Directors address issues and engage more UWSA members. It is also intended to empower individuals by allowing a great deal of freedom to get an issue addressed. Most working groups must have a firm goal such as to create a white paper to bring an issue forward, or to maintain a database of information to be used by the Board of Directors. 

Please review principle benefits and key elements of UWSA Working Groups.


Purpose: The UWSA Co-op Working Group was formed to review the impact that supervising co-op students has on job value and in relation to the value that hiring managers put on that experience when hiring for supervisory roles.

See full terms of reference (PDF)

A message from the UWSA Co-op working group

Mission Values Vision (MVV) 

Purpose: This working group shall advise the UWSA Board of Directors on the development of mission, vision and values review strategy for the UWSA, including, but not limited to, developing a consultation and communication plan, provide context for review of current MVV statements as well as develop a process for a potential change thereof. The activities of the Working Group will be directed at engaging with the entire UWSA community.

See full terms of reference (PDF)

Transportation and commuting working group (TCWG)

Purpose: The Transportation and Commuting Working Group (TCWG) exists to first assess the needs of pedestrians and commuters campus-wide at the University of Waterloo. While staff needs are the main reason for undertaking this work, it is important to note that as staff come to and move about UW locations, so do all people who collectively associate as part of the greater UW community. In cooperation with regulating authorities, relevant information will be summarized and disseminated to address staff needs.

See full terms of reference (PDF)

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