Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Consultation

The University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) scheduled four MOA consultation sessions in June and July to give all UW staff the opportunity to attend and learn about the updated MOA:

Sessions included a presentation (PDF) introducing updates to the existing MOA (PDF), followed by a discussion in which attendees participated in a live Q&A. We’ve summarized the questions asked and answers given in the list below. 

An online vote will be held over a three-week period, August 23 to September 10, 2021, with Members being notified of the results shortly thereafter. With Member support, the UWSA plans to present the updated MOA at the October 26, 2021 meeting of the University of Waterloo Board of Governors

The process of updating our MOA has been a long and demanding journey. We appreciate your support throughout the past several years, and we encourage you to contact us about this or any other work done by the UWSA on your behalf. 

Link to updated draft MOA: 2021-05-27 Draft MOA (PDF) 

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