UWSA election polls open Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018

Polls are Open - cast your votes at bottom of page

The electronic poll for the 2018 UWSA Election is open and will remain open until 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

You will need your WatIAM userid and password to submit your vote.

If you are unable to vote electronically paper ballots are available. Please see the Voting instructions and regulations (PDF)  for details on how to obtain and submit a paper ballot. Paper ballots must be received before 4:30 p.m. on October 17, 2018.

If you have any questions about the election process, please contact the Chief Returning Officer, Joe Allen.

There are two ballots for UWSA Board of Director positions: 

  • Directors: two positions available (four candidates)
  • President-elect: one position available (one candidate)
    Note: Even though there is only one candidate for President-elect,  the candidate must receive a majority of votes (i.e. more votes in favour than ballots declined)

Director: Candidate Profiles

dave mcdougallDave McDougall 
  • Federation of Students
  • x33909
  • dave.mcdougall@uwaterloo.ca

My Experience:

  • Staff Association member for 26 years
  • Staff Association Area Rep for over a year
  • Have worked in Applied Health Sciences, Alumni Affairs and Federation of Students
  • Have worked closely with campus partners including: Student Success Office, Plant Operations, Police Services, Secretariats Office, Equity Office, many faculties and numerous other groups/partners on campus
  • Conflict Management training
  • Governance experience with many groups on campus, volunteering as a Board Member of the Walter Bean Grand River Trail, and as a current member of the Waterloo Park Advisory Committee, a committee of City Council.

My goals:

  • To have job descriptions systematically reviewed at least every 4 years to ensure staff are being compensated properly for the work they do
  • To work with Occupational Health to protect the rights of our staff members
  • To enhance staff connectivity by hosting a variety of exciting social events
  • To support equity
  • To support a robust employee/employer relationship.

jackie servissJackie Serviss
  • Office of Research
  • x31770
  • jackie.serviss@uwaterloo.ca

As Past-President of the Staff Association, my involvement in the Staff Association has included leading the first annual Keeping Well at Work Day, championing the SEE-Canada awards and helping to negotiate the staff salaries terms. In my primary role, as a Manager, Corporate Research Partnerships, I regularly interact and host senior executive leaders from industry who visit campus to connect with research professors and develop collaborative research projects.

I have worked for the University of Waterloo for 6 years, four of which I have volunteered with the staff association, participating in more than a dozen committees in various roles.  Prior to my time at the University, I have over 15 years of professional multidisciplinary experience managing large scale projects. 

Moving from Past-President to a position as a Director, will bring an opportunity to stay connected for another three years, and allow the Association to hold on to my historical institutional knowledge.  My broad experiences allow me broad sources of ideation, which when shared with my abilities in creative and collaborative communications, and my passion for the University of Waterloo as the best place to work, will help me to continue to champion staff interests.  Please elect me to continue serving the needs of staff as a Director of the Staff Association.

Steve Bradleysteve bradley
  • School of Pharmacy
  • x21314
  • steve.bradley@uwaterloo.ca​

My name is Steve Bradley, and I am the I.T. Manager at the school of Pharmacy. I have been at UW, working at the school, for ten years. I have been the Pharmacy Area Rep on the Staff Association for about three years and have been a member of FACCUS for several years.

Working in a satellite school has been a challenge when it comes to access to services and even access to information. I feel like it’s time for me  to get more involved in the Campus in order to learn more about what is available for staff . This will enable me to better help and inform my team members in satellite schools. I also think it would benefit the Staff Association to learn more about the challenges facing staff in off-campus locations. UW is expanding rapidly so I think the time is right. I know it will involve a lot of learning on my part but I feel I am up to the challenge.

Additionally, I have recently called upon the staff association for help and I was amazed at the time and effort they put in to help me. I was overwhelmed by their support and now feel that it is time for me to give back. I would love the opportunity to help fellow staff members across campus in any way I can, with as much enthusiasm as the staff association showed in helping me.

terry labachTerry Labach

I was first elected to the UWSA Board in 2015.  I've found it very rewarding to be an advocate for UW staff.  I'm running for re-election to continue my progressive, staff-focused, work with the Association.

During my first term, I created digital membership cards for members, allowing them to access discounts more conveniently at local businesses.  I also chaired the UWSA Staff Excellence Fund (SEF) committee, which recommends funding for staff-initiated healthy workplace initiatives and have served on the UW Staff Relations Committee and the UWSA Communications & Membership Committee.

I've been on staff at Waterloo since 2004, working in IST as an Information Security Analyst.

My other service at Waterloo includes being an Area Rep for IST, a member of the IST Space Committee, and a certified first aider for my department.  My community volunteer service includes being a stage manager and the IT Officer for the Kitchener Blues Festival.

My experience serving on boards of directors is substantial, including two day cares, our local blues society, and staff associations at previous employers.

If my fellow staff re-elect me, I promise I will be guided for the next three years by the same principle that motivated to run for the board three years ago: Putting staff first - always.

Want to know more about me?  Meet me for a casual discussion at Kickoff in the University Shops Plaza, 170 University Avenue W, Thursday, October 11 from 5 to 6 pm.

President-elect:  Candidate Profile

lawrence follandLawrence Folland 
  • Computer Science (CSCF)
  • Ext. 42214
  • lfolland@uwaterloo.ca

I have been a member of the UWSA Board of Directors since November 2012.  I was inspired to participate in the Board from seeing the work that my colleague, Trevor Grove, was doing as President of the Staff Association.  As a Board member I have participated in several of the key UW committees involving staff – Staff Relations, Provost’s Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation, Pension & Benefits as well as UWSA committees – Communications and Membership, Staff Enhancement Grant, Fundraising and Social, Staff Excellence Fund, Pension, Benefits & Staff Compensation, and Area Reps Outreach Committee.  I chaired the UWSA Working Group on Co-op Supervision and assisted with creating a report which should be published shortly.  I have been the UWSA Treasurer since 2014. 

After participating in the recent Staff Compensation discussions I feel motivated to continue in my service to the UWSA by standing for President-Elect.  I support a collegial relationship working with UW Administration and saw a positive approach from both sides of the table.  I would like to continue that good working relationship developed by previous UWSA Presidents.  I feel the University of Waterloo is a great place to work, but there are always improvements to be made and to make sure that positive experience is more universal.

There are many exciting initiatives coming up that I would like to help move forward.  In particular, there were two Working Groups that were recommended as part of the salary discussions: Staff Salary Gender Equity Working Group and the Performance Appraisal System Working Group.  Both of these, I feel, will address many of the concerns expressed by staff.  In addition, I am hopeful that the updated Memorandum of Agreement will be in place by the time I would take office as President and there will likely be important work to implement any required changes.

I hope to receive your support in my bid for President-Elect.  I welcome hearing any of your concerns or suggestions and will do my best to get our voices heard!

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