UWSA election polls open Tuesday, October 11

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Polls are Open - cast your vote at bottom of page

The electronic poll for the 2016-2017 UWSA Election is open and will remain open until 5 p.m. on Thursday, October 20, 2016.

You will need your WatIAM userid and password to submit your vote.

If you are unable to vote electronically, paper ballots are available. Please see the Voting Instructions and Regulations (PDF) for details on how to obtain and submit a paper ballot. Paper ballots must be received before 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 20, 2016.

If you have any questions about the election process, please contact the Chief Returning Officer, Matthew Oliver.

There are three available Director positions. There are five candidates. The link to the ballot page is below the candidate profiles.

Candidate Profiles for Director positions

Agata Antkiewicz, BA, MA

agata-antkiewiczMy professional career has always revolved around partnerships and collaborations with diverse groups of stakeholders, both in Canada and internationally. Trained as an economist and a manager by practice, I have worked with researchers, students, and administration at universities, as well as with government and the private sector. In my role as Operations and Partnerships Manager at UW’s Games Institute, which I started in 2013, I continue to work extensively with partners across the campus and beyond, from departments in multiple faculties and administrative units to industry and non-profit organizations. In addition to managing and helping to initiate collaborative projects at the Institute, I have been acting as a compliance officer for the Faculty of Arts and have a very good understanding of (and appreciation for) university policies and procedures. I am also no stranger to Board service, having been elected President of the Board of Directors of my condominium corporation for the past seven years.

I take true joy in meeting and talking to people, resolving differences and finding a constructive way forward. I have been fortunate to enjoy a very gratifying work environment since I joined the university and would like to help UWSA in its efforts to ensure the influence of staff in the decision-making processes on campus. I intend to use my experience in management and my relationship-building skills to advocate for and empower staff. I hope to serve as Director of the UWSA Board to further improve the university as a workplace and to share my passion for equity, opportunity and personal growth.

Danielle Jeanneault

danielle-jeanneaultI have been a staff member at Waterloo since 2004. In my career at Waterloo, I have held several positions and I am currently the Administrative Co-ordinator for the Arts Undergraduate Office, a role that involves a lot of interaction with all aspects of Policy 18 - I even participated in the Policy 18 round-table discussions that occurred in 2012 – as well as staff across campus.

The UWSA is an important organization and their work benefits all staff, members and non-members alike. I would like to bring my years of experience to the Board of Directors in order to ensure our workplace is safe, fair and consistent, and engaging. As a Director, I want to ensure all concerns are heard, no matter how small, and a collective voice is often more powerful than a single voice.

I believe staff training and development are important areas Waterloo needs to focus on as the staff work force changes over time. I am a strong believe that managers need to set up their staff for success.

My other service at Waterloo includes the role as Secretary to the Faculty of Arts undergraduate curriculum committee, being a member of the former Staff Training and Development Committee, and a former member of the Faculty of Science Foundation Board of Directors. I was also part of the cross-campus team that created a reference guide for the Advisor Student Information System (ASIS).

Contact me at dajeanne@uwaterloo.ca if you would like more information.

Jason Gorrie


I've worked on campus since 2005 within IST and for the past seven years I have been, and still am, a director and the secretary of the UWSA.  If you have attended one of the past general meetings, I was the individual making the majority of the motions.  On campus I have been a member of a number of committees including the UWSA nominating committee, the UW Staff Relations Committee, and the UW PACSC.  One of my continuing goals for the next term is to optimize the operations of the corporation to allow the UWSA to continue to meet the changing needs of the UW workforce and provincial corporate framework.  I welcome the opportunity to serve the UW community for another three years.

Lawrence Folland

lawrence-follandHi, my name is Lawrence Folland and I have been a UWSA Director for the past 4 years and Treasurer for the past two years.  These past four years have been an incredible learning experience as I have been involved with the campus level Pension & Benefits and Staff Compensation committees, as well as the Staff Relations Committee.  I am the Committee Chair for the UWSA Working Group on Co-op Supervision, plus I am a member of the UWSA Social and the Staff Enhancement Grant review committees.  I have been working towards getting staff more recognition for their work supervising co-ops.  My other interests are Staff Development and Training as well as cross-campus collaboration and cooperation.   With your support, I would be honoured to continue working on your behalf with the UWSA.

Stephenie Koerne


Stephenie Koerne is the Digital Media Instructor and Multimedia Technician for the Master of Digital Experience Innovation (MDEI) program at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus. In this role she works closely with the graduate students teaching labs, offering one-on-one help, and providing technical support. Additionally, she administers the Stratford Campus website and social media channels.

She came to Stratford in 2012, from the Centre for Extended Learning where she was an Instructional Digital Media Developer for over six years. Before working for the University of Waterloo, she held various positions in the areas of graphic design and photography, including working for a private university, a daily newspaper, a state auto agency, and an award-winning advertising agency.

In her four years at the Stratford Campus, Stephenie has participated in a number of volunteer support opportunities, including Heartburn Chili Fest for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, National Cupcake Day for the OSPCA, and Random Act of Kindness Day.

Stephenie is a member of the Web Advisory Committee and the Social Media Committee. And in the past she has sat on the committee for Stratford-Perth Random Act of Kindness Day and was part of the Stratford Tourism Alliance Website Advisory Committee.

Stephenie is seeking the Board of Director position in an effort to foster better connections and representation between main campus and off-campus departments. She would also like the opportunity to support gender equality within the executive.

519-888-4567 ext. 23016
DMS 2113

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