Waterloo’s new electronic recruitment system

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Posting from Liz Koblyk, UW Staff Career Advisor

You likely recently received an email about myCareer@uWaterloo, the University’s new electronic recruitment system.  Unless you’re currently actively searching for a job, you may have quickly skimmed the message before getting on with the rest of your day.  Before you do the same with this blog post, keep in mind that the time to familiarize yourself with a recruiting system is before an interesting opportunity comes up.

There are easy ways to do this.  If you learn best by online tutorials, check out the online resources HR has put together.  If you learn best by asking questions, log into myHRinfo, and “request training enrollment” once you’re in the “Learning and Development” section.  That will allow you to attend an in-person training session provided by HR, and to ask any questions you may have about the system.  By the way, if you want to understand what your hiring manager will see, check out the online tutorials for hiring managers called “Creating a Job Opening” and “Review and Interview Applicants.”

The new recruiting system has at least one major implication for you: you will have to throw modesty to the wind and provide a clear, accurate, and evidence-based report of your skills, knowledge and other job qualifications.  This is always wise in the job search process, but when you apply through online recruiting systems, it is essential.  If you tell the computer that you don’t have experience making presentations because that skill only makes up a small portion of your job, or if you don’t mention the courses you took in Excel because you can’t remember the course dates, the computer assumes you don’t have that knowledge or experience.  It doesn’t read between the lines or ask probing questions.

While questions about the recruiting system are best addressed to your Human Resources Advisor, over here in the Centre for Career Action, I am happy to help with questions related to your career and job search.  Regular postdocs and regular USG staff can schedule confidential appointments at the Career Action website.

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