Name: Kristen Deckert (she/her)

Position on UWSA Board: Secretary

Term of office: November 1, 2020 – October 31, 2021

Contact for: Staff Relations Committee, Social & Fundraising Committee, Secretary duties

Reason for running: Kristen ran for office because she wants to give back to the UW community.  She is at a point in her life where she has time to devote to the committee work now and wants to serve our staff members at UW.

Vision for UWSA: Kristen’s vision is to increase membership in UWSA and help our association continue to be strong and supportive for all staff.

Education/Career highlights: Kristen has been at UW for 12 years in the Faculty of Engineering.  She previously won the Outstanding Admin Staff Performance Award in 2014, and she was the recipient of the Staff Enhancement Experience Canada Grant in 2019.  Kristen has served on the Professional Development Working Group for UW Advisors, and has been co-chair of the annual UW Advisor Conference in 2020.  Kristen is a Fire Warden and First Aider for her program, too.

Interests beyond campus: Kristen enjoys camping, cooking, reading thriller novels, and walking her dog, Jersey!

Job title:  Undergraduate Wellness Advisor and Administrative Coordinator

Unit: Systems Design Engineering


University of Waterloo

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