Lillian Corkill - 2B Psychology

Katrina Fluit - 4B Planning

Avery Francq - 3A Accounting & Financial Mgt

Ethan Francq - 4A Political Science

Denis Huseljic - 4B Biomedical Sciences

Tyler Kihut - 1B Gloral Bus & Digital Arts

Tony Li - 2A Software Engineering

Alexia Lima - 4B Engl Lit &Rhet/Intensive Spec

Lia Worsley - 1B Arts & Business


Angela Dietz - 3B Software Engineering

Kara Dietz - 3B Software Engineering

Avery Francq - 2A Accounting and Financial Management

Erika Guderian - 3A Arts and Business Honours

Coral Mazrkan Davidson - 4A Honours Arts

Lauren Miller - 3B Arts and Business Communications

Anjali Shankar - 2A Honours Arts Co-op

Ashley Walls - 1A Honours Arts Psychology


Casey Baleshta - 2A Mechanical Engineering

Vishal Chotara -  4B Science Honours

Jaiden Cote - 4B Science Honours

Kathryn Daly - 3B Therapeutic Recreation

Angela Dietz - 3A Software Engineering

Kara Dietz - 3A Software Engineering

Elanna Lachaine-Demarchi - 4B Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Alexia Lima - 1B Arts Honours

Cameron Mills - 2B Mathematics

Jason Morgado - 4B International Development

Wallace Riley - 4A Peace and Conflict Studies

Winter 2020

Kathryn Daly - third year student in Therapeutic Recreation

Alyssa Ford - third year student in Environment Resources & Sustainability

Fall 2019

Magdalene Daly - fourth year student in Social Development Studies

Eric Jardin - fourth year student in Political Science

Mark Shinouda - second year student in Pharmacy

2019 Winter Term Recipient

Casey Kadwell - fourth year student in the Recreation and Leisure Studies program

2018 Fall Term Recipients

James Schnarr -  fourth year student enrolled in the Environment and Business program

Merette Shinouda - third year student enrolled in the Pharmacy program 

2018 Spring Term Recipients

Mikaela Ney - second year student in Pharmacy

Julie Thomson - second year student in Liberal Studies

2017 Fall Term Recipients

Leila Dzinic - fourth year student in Applied Health Sciences

Emilie Mechler - fourth year student in Peace and Conflict Studies

2017 Spring Term Recipients

Jasmin David - first year student in Honours Arts

Regan Zink - third year student in Planning

2017 Winter Term Recipients

Lisa Cooper - third year student in Mechatronics Engineering

Declan Smeaton - third year student in Recreation and Leisure Studies

2016 - Fall Term Recipients

Brenna Middleton - fourth year student in English Rhetoric and Professional Writing

Alexandra Mills - third year student in Global Business and Digital Arts

Regan Zink - a second year student in Environment's Planning co-op program

2016  - Spring Term Recipient

Merette Shinouda - first-year student in Pharmacy.

2016  - Winter Term Recipients

Ariel Fullerton - 2nd year student in Honours English Literature.

Sarah Jones - 4th year student in Social Work program.

2015 - Fall Term Recipients

Kevin Connell - 4th year UG student in Kineisiology.

Mikaela Ney - 2nd year UG student in Biomedical Science.

2015 - Winter Term Recipient

  • Stacey Mahoney - Second-year enrolled in Science , Masters  Management Science Program on Management of Technology

2014 - Spring Term Recipients

  • Leigh McDougall - Third-year student in Honours Arts Co-op Program, majoring in Political Science.
  • Justin Raimbault - Third-year enrolled in the Nanotechnology Engineering program.

2014 - Fall Term Recipients

  • Meryl Norris - Third-year enrolled in Recreation & Sports Business Co-op program.
  • Melanie Williamson - Fourth-year enrolled Arts & Business program, majoring in Speech Communication.

2014 - Winter Term Recipients

  •  Janice Cooper - Third-year enrolled in Environmental Engineering
  • Eric Jardin - Third-year enrolled in Political Science,majoring in History & International Studies.

2013 - Spring Term Recipient

  • Monique Potvin - Fourth-year enrolled in Pharmacy, Honours in     Co-op

 2013 - Fall Term Recipients

  • Kate Holbrook-Smith - Third-year enrolled in Architecture
  • Shalini Malene Mahendran - Third-year enrolled on Biomedical Sciences

2012 -  Fall Term Recipients

  • Natalie Sadowski - First-year Honours Arts.
  • Erin McLaren - Second-year International Development Program.

 2012 - Winter Term Recipient

  • Alexandra Piatkowski - Third-year enrolled in Honours Health Sciences Co-op.

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