A message from your UWSA - September 2016

Hi. I'm Michael Herz, the President of our Staff Association. At the University of Waterloo the Staff Association is our voice and has been the official voice of staff since 1975. As the largest employee group on campus we represent over 2,000 people. Our mission is to empower staff to develop and succeed. Our Association has a unique relationship with our members because we're an independent corporation. We're accountable to you, our members. Everyday, your well-being is our primary concern.

Hi, I'm Gail Spencer, the Staff Association's Executive Manager. We help staff succeed by providing support and advocacy. Sometimes help is just a short phone call and sometimes it can be much more.

Hi, I'm Lawrence Folland and I'm one of the Directors and current Treasurer for the Staff Association. I particularly appreciated the benefits this role has given me to work with colleagues around campus as well as senior administration to affect policy and the work-life of our staff here at the University of Waterloo.

If you want to make change at this university you need to get involved with committees and our Association is responsible for selecting our members for these committees. Regardless of your level of experience there are positions that are suitable for everyone. Our Association is only as strong as our members make it. We need participation at all levels. We have about a hundred positions to fill, and about twenty of these renew each year. Getting active with the Association can provide you with an outstanding opportunity for professional development and an additional way to meaningfully contribute to your workplace.

Tim Ireland: As a Director of the Staff Association, I've had the opportunity to be deeply involved in the Staff Compensation Review.

Hello, I'm Carlos Mendes. My four years as President & Past-President of the Staff Association have provided me the ability to sharpen my skills in areas such as: leadership, coaching, conflict resolution, governance, and labour relations.

We hold elections every October for our board of directors. These are outstanding opportunities and we need your help to find and nominate good candidates. The most important requirement for these positions is the desire to see our staff thrive and our university excel.

Hi, I'm Terry Labach, one of the Directors of the Staff Association. I joined the Staff Association because I know that staff are stronger when we stand together. I ran for the Staff Association board because I know that progress won't happen without our work. And if we want
progress to happen we have to take responsibility to make it happen.

The election process starts in September. Do you know someone who would be a good candidate for Director? or for President? How about yourself?

If you'd like to know more give us a call, or better yet invite us to your department meeting. We have a short presentation and we love to answer questions. We hope to see you get involved and help make positive change here at our University.

University of Waterloo Staff Association
Davis Centre, Room 3603

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