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Why I made my StartUp Pledge

Tim Leshuk    Stuart Linley

Tim Leshuk and Stuart Linley, co-founders of H2nan0 Inc.

"The University of Waterloo has been instrumental to the success of so many local startups, especially those founded on nanotechnology and advanced materials such as H2nanO, where access to the University’s facilities and knowledge community is integral to fostering early innovation. StartUp Pledge is a smart and innovative program that allows entrepreneurs to recognize UW’s contributions and give back to support the next generation of entrepreneurial students without taking on unnecessary risk in the important early stages of growing a business."

Tim Leshuk and Stuart Linley, Co-Founders, H2nanO Inc.

Tomas van Stee

“Growing up outside of K-W I was aware of the incredible startup ecosystem in Waterloo, so, naturally, once I created EnPowered, I wanted to move back to the city. Even though I am not a Waterloo grad, I found that the University of Waterloo, the Velocity Incubator, and the K-W community were incredibly welcoming. As EnPowered grows we continue to look for ways to give back to the community to ensure that the next generation of startups can receive the same support that we did.”

Tomas van Stee, Founder and President, EnPowered

  Moufeed Kaddoura    Eric Bloudeel

Moufeed Kaddoura and Eric Bloudeel, co-founders of ExVivo Labs Inc.

"When we started ExVivo in 2014, we had an idea and the ambition to pursue it. Velocity played an instrumental role in helping us get off the ground, providing us with the necessary lab space and mentorship to turn our idea into reality. We continue to foster relationships with University of Waterloo researchers and leverage the incredible network, and we will forever be grateful to everything that the University of Waterloo and Velocity have done for us."

Moufeed Kaddoura and Eric Bloudeel, Co-Founders, ExVivo Labs Inc.

  Julia Salvini

“The University of Waterloo provides a strong foundation for its graduates both academically and through its co-op program. This foundation allowed me to explore my field as a student leading in many steps to where I find myself today with Salvini Consulting. The Start-Up Pledge is a small way of showing gratitude for the role that the University of Waterloo has played in launching my career.”

Julia Salvini, President, Salvini Consulting

   Khanjan Desai    Chong Shen

Khanjan Desai and Chong Shen, co-founders of Alchemy

"The University of Waterloo has played a significant role in fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists today in Kitchener-Waterloo. Without this ecosystem, the Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology, Velocity, and support from many departments at Waterloo, Alchemy would not have gotten off the launch pad, let alone make it as far as we have. I will always be grateful for all the support we've received and still continue to receive."   

Khanjan Desai, Co-Founder, Alchemy

John Zupancic

"I am blown away by what we have been able to accomplish with Wriber Inc. through the University of Waterloo. From the education to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we've had overwhelming support from Velocity mentors, Conrad Centre staff and University resources as both students and alumni. Our company would not exist if it weren't for the help we have been given. And, I like to know that there's something I can do to give back to the school for all the aid that I have received over the years."

John Zupancic, Founder, Wriber Inc.

Sukh Singh

"Archimedes said, 'Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.' A place to stand and succeed is exactly what Waterloo gives its students and alumni. Without the mentorship, resources, space and opportunities that the University of Waterloo has given us, uCiC would have taken twice as long to get where it is, if at all. I'll be very happy if I'm able to pay this forward and contribute to the success of future Waterloo students."

Sukh Singh, Co-Founder, uCiC

Ryan Brown, Founder of Salient Energy

"I am honoured to support the University of Waterloo because the support that was provided to me by staff and fellow students is what made my company possible. I want to do my part to ensure that even more students get to develop innovative solutions to the world's most important problems."

Ryan Brown, Founder, Salient Energy

Erin Laidley

"I think the idea behind Startup Pledge is amazing - the community that the University of Waterloo has created through Velocity Science in partnership with Waterloo Science has enabled me to be part of something bigger than myself. I feel honoured to be a part of this community and am more than happy to give back."

Erin Laidley, Co-Founder, Acorn Cryotech


Hongwei Liu

"Velocity was home for our first five years. MappedIn started as a side project in the Velocity Residence and later became our full-time startup in the Velocity Garage. We would not be here without the support and resources of the campus community and beyond and I'm glad to be able to pledge something back."

Hongwei Liu, Co-Founder and CEO, MappedIn

Bryan Fedorak

"After providing tons of resources for our startup, I knew I wanted to give back to the University somehow. The startup pledge was an awesome risk-free way to do this and took the ambiguity out of it."

Bryan Fedorak, Founder and CEO, Bartesian