This document is prepared by the department. This information is superseded by University Policy 31 and the Guidelines

When entering in your claim, please ensure your expenses and supporting documentation are complete by following these important steps:

Work order number (account to charge the expenses to) Enter the work order to charge your travel to in the header field. Enter this before you start your claim.

  • Students, you will receive this from your Advisor or Supervisor

Research purpose statement (enter in the general comments field): This is mandatory with research work orders. Please provide a detailed description explaining the focus of the travel and how the expense relates to and supports the research grant.

  • Students, this should be provided to you by your supervisor

Comments field: used to explain and identify each expense. Provide detailed narratives to “tell the story” so an independent reviewer receives a thorough understanding of your claim.

If you attended a Conference: attach the title page of the program showing the dates of the conference and location of the conference.  If virtual, indicate that the conference was presented on-line, and provide the title of the conference. If you delivered a paper at the conference, include the page showing your name and the paper, and attach as additional documentation

Original itemized receipts: The receipts should show the service or details of items purchased (name of company, name of claimant, description of items/service, date, rate, tax, currency, shipment, and total cost). Retain the originals until the claim is “Payment Confirmed”.

Please ensure the receipts are:

  • Attached and entered as an expense item in separate entries.
  • Clear and legible from top to bottom
  • Show proof and method of payment in your name (if credit card is shared with your spouse, please indicate this in the comment box of that expense)

Method of payment: The proof and method of payment (i.e., cash, cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer) must be clearly shown on the receipt.

If the method of payment is absent, you must provide additional documentation (i.e., copy of credit card statement) that clearly indicates your name and payment of the specific transaction. Here is a link with detailed information about original receipt.

Personal days/expenses before or after business travel: University business allows arrival no more than 2 days prior to a conference and departure no more than one day following a conference.

If you are not planning to travel round trip from the closest airport to Waterloo (e.g., Toronto Pearson YYZ), you must run a comparison cost BEFORE you leave to show the difference in airfare between the trip you choose and the trip from Toronto Pearson, so that the lesser of two amounts can be reimbursed. Save a copy of the quotes as you will need to attach them to your claim. It is best to do this while you are booking your flights. You will not be able to get historical flight information.

Expenses incurred must be reasonable, prudent, and an efficient use of university resources and related to university business. Personal expenses will not be reimbursed.  If there are personal days added, please include comments for the auditors and remove any expenses that are personal in providing your totals (i.e., accommodation, per diem etc.).

Lowest Logical Fare: you will be reimbursed based on the Lowest Logical Fare This is the least expensive direct fare/rate with the base features identified by Policy available at the time of reservation for airfare, commercial accommodation, vehicle rental, train, taxi, bus, limousine, or other travel-related costs.

Sharing expenses: Finance will only reimburse the person who incurs the expense. Individuals should not be incurring expenses on behalf of others except as outlined in Section 1.I.i.e Expenses Incurred on Behalf of a Group.

If you pay for someone else, you must include the name of the other person and their affiliation to the research project (e.g., grad student in the research group). Some circumstances do allow for sharing of expenses such as a meal, where it is easier for one person to pay.  In this case, the most senior, highest-ranking employee should pay and request reimbursement. A person who is attending and is also the financial approver is not permitted to approve an expense from which they have benefited.

Per Diem: Please use the Optional Per Diem Calculator in Concur to calculate your number of eligible days. Partial travel days and meals provided by the conference, cannot be included in this calculation.  Meals included in your accommodation receipt should be removed as well if claiming per diem on that day. You would select Expense type “Travel Meal Expenses Per Diem – Travel outside of Canada” and enter the number of days into the “number of days” field in CONCUR. Please be sure to click SAVE so that the CONCUR calculator will calculate the amount based on the per diem expense type selected. Otherwise, the field will remain blank.

Currency: If the amount is in another currency, please ensure that the original currency of that country is entered in the amount field and then converted to the equivalent in Canadian dollars using either the default rate in CONCUR or by using your credit card rate. If using your credit card rate, please attach your credit card statement (excluding personal information) or screen shot of that transaction only, to show the exact amount you are claiming.

Entering dates: The date in the Header field “Claim Period From” should be the date of your first expense or the first date of your trip.  The “Claim Period To” should be the end date of the trip or the date of the most recent expense.  When entering the dates for the conference in the expense type line item ensure you select the first day of the conference and the last day of the conference.

Allocation of expenses:  If you need to allocate a percentage of your claim to multiple work orders, there is a step-by-step process to allocate expenses in CONCUR.  See the Training manual. You may need to sign into the UW systems to access the training documents using your WatIam credentials: WatIam id followed by “” plus your password.

Separate expense entry for each receipt: Each trip receipt must be entered separately.  Do not combine receipts.

Itemization: Between expense types or when not claiming a portion of a receipt. To ensure that the amount of the receipt corresponds to the amount in the expense claim field use the Itemization function. Enter the original amount of the receipt then select the itemization button at the bottom of the expense type screen. The portion of the receipt not being claimed is entered and select the “Do not claim” box and enter the reason in comments and click SAVE. Then enter the remaining amount and SAVE. See link for further instructions.

Expiry: Enter and submit claim within 30 days after your trip or after the expense has been incurred, or as soon after as possible.

  • 120 days - Any claims submitted more than 120 days from the receipt date, travel end date, or research study end date requires the approval from the highest level of reporting (i.e., the Dean in a faculty; the Vice-President, Associate Vice-President, or Associate Provost for academic support units) in addition to the normal reviews and approvals for the claim with an explanation for the reason of the delay. It is expected that this should be a rare circumstance. See guidelines for further information.
  • 2 years - Claims submitted more than two years from receipt date, travel end date, or research study end date are not eligible for reimbursement. See timing of submissions and payments.

Please ensure you have reviewed all relevant reimbursement policies below:

If you received a GSPA assistantship, please include form and abstract with your claim, and attach as Additional Documentation.

Allocation of expenses: If you received a GSPA assistantship and/or department funding in addition to your supervisor funding:

Please allocate the expenditures amongst the various work orders/accounts providing funds.

Use the allocate button to allocate the various expenditures. This should be determined before entering the claim. Tip: allocate the highest valued expense first or expenses with values closest to the amounts awarded.

O   Students, the work orders for the various funding are as follows:

  • Graduate studies Conference Assistantship 5301|100|10000-11424|100 (Org unit 5301 fund 100)
  • Department Grad support 10021-##### 802 (org unit #### Fund ###)
  • Supervisor Support: Please ask your supervisor for their work order number