Information for high school applicants

Do I apply directly to Financial Analysis and Risk Mangement (FARM)?

Yes. FARM is an admission category that you apply directly to through Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC).

What happens if I don't get in from high school?

If you do not get into FARM directly out of high school, you may still be able to get into FARM in your second year. If you are not admitted directly, but you have been made an alternate admission offer (e.g. Mathematics honours [co-op or regular]) then you will be a student in the Faculty of Mathematics and you will attempt a transfer into FARM in your second year. Please see information for current math students for details.

Information for current math students

Students from other Faculty of Mathematics programs can transfer into the FARM program after successfully completing ten courses. This means that you will be in the first term of your second year when you apply to transfer. There is a slightly higher tuition structure for FARM and thus transfers must be in this term to be fair to all students. Do not wait until the end of the term to attempt a transfer. You very likely will be denied since transfers generally need to be done in the first three weeks of classes.

The ten courses that most students complete to be considered include:

  • Mathematics (MATH) 135, MATH 136, MATH 137, MATH 138, and 2 (Computer Science) CS core courses (usually CS 115/135 and CS 116/136)
  • communications course

and three of the following six non-math courses:

  • Economics (ECON) 101, ECON 102, Business (BUS) 111W, BUS 121W, Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) 101 and AFM 102

Students must have a 75% overall average to be admitted.

Please contact the program director/advisor for more information.

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