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Alla Slynko

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Research Interests

Alla Slynko’s research is in bio- and  medical statistics. Recent research topics include assessing the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic tests in the absence of a gold standard as well as statistical modeling and simulation of dependencies in high-dimensional data. Alla Slynko is also involved in interdisciplinary projects on diverse cancer research topics. In addition, she has industry and academic experience in financial risk management. 

Selected publications

  • A. Slynko. Asymptotic analysis of reliability measures for an imperfect dichotomous test. Statistical Papers (2021), 1-18.
  • A. Slynko. Assessing the accuracy of an imperfect dichotomous test in a multiple testing context.  Mathematical Biosciences (2021). 
  • A. Slynko, A. Benner. Statistical methods for classification of 5hmC levels based on the Illumina Inifinium HumanMethylation450 (450k) array data, under the paired bisulfite (BS) and oxidative bisulfite (oxBS) treatment. PLOS ONE (2019) 14(6).
  • M. Cosenza, A. Cazzola, A. Rossberg, N. Schieber, G. Konotop, E. Bausch, A. Slynko, T. Holland-Letz, M. Raab, T. Dubash, H. Glimm, S. Poppelreuther, C. Herold-Mende, Y. Schwab, A. Krämer. Asymmetric centriole numbers at spindle poles cause chromosome missegregation in cancer. Cell reports (2017) 20(8), 1906-1920.
  • F. Brunk, C. Michel, T. Holland‐Letz, A. Slynko, A. Kopp‐Schneider, B. Kyewski, S. Pinto. Dissecting and modeling the emergent murine TECcompartment during ontogeny. European journal of immunology (2017) 47(7), 1153-1159.
  • J. Dick, N. Lang, A. Slynko, A. Kopp-Schneider, C. Schulz, A. Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss, A. Enk, J. Hassel. Use of LDH and autoimmune side effects to predict response to ipilimumab treatment. Immunotherapy (2016) 8(9), 1033-1044.
  • Q. Tang, T. Holland-Letz, A. Slynko, K. Cuk, F. Marme, S. Schott, J. Heil, B. Qu, M. Golatta, M. Bewerunge-Hudler, C. Sutter, H. Surowy, B. Wappenschmidt, R. Schmutzler, M. Hoth, P. Bugert, C. Bartram, C. Sohn, A. Schneeweiss, R. Yang, B. Burwinkel. DNA methylation array analysis identifies breast cancer associated RPTOR, MGRN1 and RAPSN hypomethylation in peripheral blood DNA. Oncotarget (2016) 7(39)
  • C. Weigel, M. Veldwijk, C. Oakes, P. Seibold, A. Slynko, D. Liesenfeld, M. Rabionet, S. Hanke, F. Wenz, E. Sperk, A. Benner, C. Rösli, R. Sandhoff, Y. Assenov, C. Plass, C. Herskind, J. Chang-Claude, P. Schmezer, O. Popanda. Epigenetic regulation of diacylglycerol kinase alpha promotes radiation-induced fibrosis. Nature communications (2016) 7
  • S. Koerber, C. Schoneweg, A. Slynko, D. Krug, M. Haefner, K. Herfarth, J. Debus, F. Sterzing, M. von Knebel Doeberitz, E. Prigge, M. Reuschenbach. Influence of human papillomavirus and p16INK4a on treatment outcome of patients with anal cancer. Radiotherapy and oncology (2014) 113(3), 331-336.

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