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Jeroen de Mast


Jeroen de MastContact information

Jeroen de Mast

Academic Director, Jheronimus Academy of Data Science

Scientific Director, Holland Innovative

Research interests

  • Methods and management of operations improvement, including lean and six sigma.
  • The statistical evaluation of measurement systems and binary tests.
  • Reasoning strategies and techniques for diagnostic problem solving.
  • Appointment scheduling in healthcare operations.

Education / biography

Professor De Mast’s core areas of expertise are in operations management and strategy, industrial statistics, quality and reliability engineering, product development, and project and program management. He has worked extensively as a management consultant and professional trainer in industries such as manufacturing, high-tech, healthcare, services, finance, and logistics. He has taught many professional courses and workshops for senior specialists and top executives.

Professor De Mast combines his position at the University of Waterloo with the position of Academic Director of the Smart Industry program at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in The Netherlands, and the position of Scientific Director at Holland Innovative in The Netherlands. He has been the Professor of Methods and Statistics for Operations Management at the University of Amsterdam Business School, and principal consultant at IBIS UvA.

Selected publications

  • Akkerhuis T, De Mast J, Erdmann T (2019) “Estimation of the random error of binary tests using adaptive polynomials” Journal of Quality Technology 51(1) 81–93 (2019).
  • Erdmann T, De Mast J, Warrens M (2015) “Some common errors of experimental design, interpretation and inference in agreement studies” Statistical Methods in Medical Research 24(6) 920–935 (2015).
  • De Mast J (2013) “Diagnostic quality problem solving: A conceptual framework and six strategies” Quality Management Journal 20(4) 21–36 (2013).
  • De Mast J, Lokkerbol J (2012) “An Analysis of the Six Sigma DMAIC Method from the Perspective of Problem Solving” International Journal of Production Economics 139(2) 604–614 (2012).
  • De Mast J (2011) “The tactical use of constraints and structure in diagnostic problem solving” Omega 39(6) 702–709 (2011).
  • De Mast J, Van Wieringen W (2010) “Modeling and evaluating repeatability and reproducibility of ordinal classifications” Technometrics 52(1) 94–106 (2010).
  • Van Wieringen W, De Mast J (2008) “Measurement system analysis for binary data” Technometrics 50(4) 468–478 (2008).

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