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Andrei Fajardo

Andrei Fajardo

PhD in Statistics

Why did you choose to take statistics at the University of Waterloo?

The most important aspect of doing a PhD, is having a good working relationship with your supervisor. When I met Professor Steve Drekic for the first time, I knew we had a lot in common and I could succeed working with him. Waterloo is also a highly reputable institution with one of the largest variety in courses in statistics.

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Mirabelle Huynh

Mirabelle Huynh

PhD in Actuarial Science

Why did you choose to study actuarial science at the University of Waterloo?

The Faculty of Mathematics is one of the largest faculties at Waterloo and the size creates a lot of diversity within the field of mathematics. Since research is very interdisciplinary, it helps to be surrounded by such a high level of expertise and technology. Any questions I have about specific mathematical topics can be answered immediately with a walk down the hall.

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Anne MacKay

Anne MacKay

PhD in Actuarial Science

What has been your most rewarding moment as a graduate student so far?

There have been a few rewarding moments as a graduate student so far. The most rewarding moment was presenting my research at a conference in Germany. It was inspiring to see such a large amount of established professors interested in my research.

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Yujie Zhong

Yujie Zhong

PhD in Biostatistics

Why did you choose to study biostatistics at the University of Waterloo?

I chose Waterloo for its strong reputation and research oriented professors. Waterloo also offers a well-designed and balanced course load focusing on application.

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Yayuan Zhu

Yayuan Zhu

PhD in Biostatistics

Do you have any words of advice for people considering or planning graduate studies at the University of Waterloo?

Waterloo is an amazing school. If you’re undecided speak with the professors. They are amazing people and they really want to help you succeed.

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Paul Ullrich

Paul Ullrich

 MMath (Applied Mathematics), '07

How does your degree support the work you are doing now?

Atmospheric science is a highly interdisciplinary field, with researchers from backgrounds spanning the humanities through experimental physics. My specialization in mathematics has provided me with an invaluable set of skills that have uniquely defined my research in contrast to others in my field.

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Joe DiCesare

Joe DiCesare

PhD (Statistics), '06

Why did you choose the University of Waterloo for graduate studies?

As an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo I experienced first hand the quality of education that is offered there. Despite the temptation to get a new experience elsewhere, it felt very natural for me to continue challenging myself in an environment that I was confident would give me every opportunity to be successful.


Farouk Nathoo

Farouk Nathoo

MMath (Statistics) '00

How has attending the University of Waterloo and studying within the Faculty of Mathematics impacted your career?

At UWaterloo I was able to take courses and work with some of the very best researchers in biostatistics. I saw how real problems generate interesting statistical questions, and I learned to appreciate the applied aspect of research.

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Christine Anderson-Cook

Christine Anderson-Cook

BMath '89, Ph.D. (Statistics) '94

How does your degree support the work you are doing now?

In my graduate courses I was taught to think creatively and problem-solve. These skills have enabled me to have an impact in many research areas. Many graduate programs emphasize theory, but at UWaterloo I learned how the theory should be applied to real world problems.

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Princess Alexander

Princess Alexander

MMath (Statistics), '78

Why did you choose to study statistics at the University of Waterloo?

There were several factors that drove my choice of graduate school. Pursuing further study came naturally as during my undergraduate mathematics degree, a strong interest was developed in applied statistics and its application to finding real world solutions. Waterloo topped my selection list due to the world class ranking of its mathematics program, the Faculty’s reputation, and an established Department of Statistics.

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