SAS Administrative Staff Hybrid Schedule - Fall 2021 - Work From Office (WFO) Hours

This schedule includes core staff only. SRC, Readi and SCCR will follow their own schedules.

Note: Staff will continue to be available via email and Microsoft Teams during Work From Home (WFH) days. Staff understand there will be occasions that WFO will be required when WFH is scheduled. We are running this as a pilot during the fall; please send any feedback to Stefan or to Carlos.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Start and end times
Divya   Divya Divya   8:30-4:00
  Matthew   Matthew Matthew 8:30-4:00
Helen   Helen Helen   8:30-4:00
  Lisa Lisa Lisa   8:30-4:00
Mary Lou Mary Lou Mary Lou Mary Lou Mary Lou 9:00-5:00
  Lucy Lucy   Lucy 8:30-4:00
Carla   Carla Carla   9:00-5:00
Carlos Carlos Carlos (9:30-5:30) Carlos   8:30-4:30
  Anthea Anthea   Anthea 8:30-4:00
    Greg (8:00-3:30) Greg Greg 8:30-4:00
    Muna Muna Muna 8:30-4:30
Undergraduate Graduate Finance Administrative

Divya Lala

Instructional Support Coordinator

M3 2132

ext. 33220

Lisa Baxter

Administrative Co-ordinator Graduate Studies

M3 3138

ext. 35728

Lucy Simpson

Financial Officer

M3 3007

ext. 32228

Carlos Mendes

Administrative Officer

M3 3011

ext. 48727

Matthew Babela

Instructional Support Coordinator

M3 2131

Helen Chen

Graduate Program Administrator (Professional Programs, MQF and M.Act.Sci)

M3 3139

ext. 31232

Carla Daniels

Financial and Administrative Coordinator

M3 3114

ext. 31407

Anthea Dunne

Administrative Assistant to the Chair

M3 3006

ext. 33915


Mary Lou Dufton

Administrative Co-ordinator Graduate Studies

M3 3137

ext. 36532


Greg Preston

Events Coordinator and Technical/Web Specialist

M3 3004

ext. 33277


Muna Hamad

Administrative Assistant (Coop)

M3 3111