The Role in College governance played by the Board is to oversee the conduct of its business and affairs including its programs, services, property and revenues. The Board is ultimately responsible for defining the mission of the College, for developing strategies to advance that mission, and for ensuring that the affairs of the College are managed prudently.

Officers of the Board of Governors

Position Name
Chair Brad Siim
Chancellor Michaëlle Jean
Treasurer Tracy Mann
Principal Richard Myers
Vice Chair Julia Salvini
Past Chair Gary Foerster
Secretary Charlene Hone

Members of the Board of Governors

Constituency Name
UWaterloo Faculty Representative Jeff Casello
St. Paul's Faculty Representative John Abraham
Community Representative Linda Jussaume
Undergraduate Student Representative Katherine Fouzie
St. Paul's Staff Representative Stephanie Horsburgh
Graduate Student Representative Rob Greene
Community Representative David Romagnoli
Community Representative Tracy Primeau
Community Representative Don Shilton 
Community Representative Banuja Sivarasah
Community Representative William Watson 
Community Representative Uche Onuora

For Board member requests, please contact Charlene Hone

2022 Meeting Dates 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held immediately after the conclusion of the October Board meeting. The regular meetings of the Board of Governors are open to students, staff, faculty and the general public. The Board has the right to move in camera for the discussion of sensitive matters. Approved minutes of regular Board meetings will be posted on the College website.

Financial Statements