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University of Waterloo's Faculty of Environment, in partnership with St. Paul's, offers a first-year entry, undergraduate degree program in International Development, as well as a Master of Development Practice program.

Governments, civil society organizations and private enterprises are looking for development catalysts – people who have the knowledge, business skills and innovative thinking required to bring about human development that is environmentally sustainable, culturally responsible, and scientifically sound.

The programs we offer are unique  designed to prepare students to be that catalyst, to equip them to take what they're passionate about, and act on it in a way that is effective, responsible, and sustainable.

St. Paul's offers annual scholarships to select International Development students, as well as fellowships to students in the overseas placement option.

In the field: Katie in Malawi

INDEV student working with wooden structure and candle

Kristy graduated from the International Development program in 2012. She is pictured here in Vietnam.