Brad SiimIn recognition of an exemplary career and dedicated service to St. Paul’s and Waterloo.

Brad Siim graduated from Waterloo in 1992 with a degree in computer engineering. In the mid ‘90s, he left HP to become a co-founder and vice-president of engineering of the technology company PixStream, where he built and led a team of over 100 engineers and oversaw the production and manufacturing processes. Pixstream was acquired by technology giant Cisco in 2000, in one of the largest ever acquisitions of a private Canadian tech company.

After PixStream was shut down in 2001, Brad and many of his colleagues decided to start something new again and they co-founded Sandvine, a broadband network control solutions provider. With Sandvine, Brad is chief operating officer and vice-president of engineering responsible for managing all stages of product development -- from conceptualisation to final product manufacturing. Brad has helped build Sandvine into a recognized global leader and one of the Waterloo Region’s top employers. Sandvine has been rated one of Canada’s best workplaces for eight straight years.

Brad is widely recognized within the Waterloo region for his ability to build exceptional teams and has been recognized as one of the region’s top entrepreneurs. In 2007, he was named Young Entrepreneur of the year in technology by Ernst and Young, Ontario region, and was inducted into the Waterloo Region Entrepreneur Hall of Fame as Intrepid Entrepreneur.

Brad has been a strong and consistent ambassador for both St. Paul’s and the University of Waterloo. He frequently hires Waterloo co-op students and has been a long serving member of the St. Paul’s Board of Governors helping the College to improve operations and accountabilities.

Photo: Ryan Walker Photography