Prosithyrith Yim (MBET ‘17; BASC ‘16)

Headshot of Richard YimIn recognition of commitment to innovation and entrepreneurial success.

Prosithyrith (Richard) grew up in Cambodia where children are warned at a young age to watch out for landmines. When he moved to Canada at the age of 13, he discovered the freedom of living without fear of where he stepped. His childhood experiences made the pursuit of a Mechanical Engineering degree from Waterloo a natural choice because before he was old enough to drive, he knew he wanted to build a machine that could rid the world of landmines.

Even as a first-year student, Richard began discussing his goal with classmates but it wasn’t until he joined St. Paul’s GreenHouse in the fall term of 2015 that he took the entrepreneurship plunge. With his co-founder Christian Lee, Richard began developing a prototype and a business which they called Landmine Boys (since renamed Demine Robotics). Their goal was to create a cost-effective robot to remove landmines, that was repairable, easy to manufacture, and could be used by NGO’s.

Richard and his team gained national prominence by winning several student awards and competitions before graduating in 2016. Demine Robotics continues to operate in both Canada and Cambodia and recently completed a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign to complete testing and bring their current model, Jevit to market by 2020.

Richard completed the MBET program in 2017 and was named to Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 in 2018.