Victoria AlleyneIn recognition of dedication to social entrepreneurship and youth mentorship.

Victoria Alleyne studied Environment and Business at Waterloo and in 2010 was named Co-op student of the year. Prior to graduating in 2012, she already had several years’ volunteer-work experience with Sustainable Waterloo Region.

The experience Victoria gained with Sustainable Waterloo Region was progressive and meaningful and helped open doors when she was applying for jobs post-graduation. She noticed that the same thing was not necessarily happening for her fellow young grads that lacked the volunteer experience.

Believing that there are other ways to build skills and networks, Victoria founded Career Skills Incubator, a non-profit located at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto that focuses on mentorship and volunteering as keys to building attractive résumés.

Career Skills Incubator is working to redefine the notion of mentorship and has recently launched an application called Menteer.

Photo: Ryan Walker Photography