Alumni Spotlight

Steve Patyk

Steve Patyk (BMath '81) says he may be biased, but if you've never been to the Flathead Lake area of Northwest Montana, he encourages you to "come visit one of the most beautiful places in the world". 

Flathead Lake in winter with snowcapped mountains in background

Steve and his wife Bettina fell in love with the area around the lake for it's natural beauty when they retired to Montana in 2007. In the years since, Steve says their passion for the area, especially the community of Lakeside has only grown. The plan was to retire, but somewhere along the way they fell into the food service business and now they own and operate two restaurants that are beloved by locals and tourists alike.

Flathead Lake at sunset with mountain silhouette in background

Read more about how Steve and Bettina ended up owning two restaurants in one of the most beautiful places in the world...

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