Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre

A 3D computer-generated model of the proposed Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre.The centre enables St. Paul's to enhance its leadership in Aboriginal education at the University of Waterloo. Using the centre and working with other partners, St. Paul's will address the three key contributors to high unemployment rates among Aboriginal Canadians:

  • High school completion
  • Post-secondary participation
  • Employment transition

To do this, St. Paul's and its partners will:

  • Expand the delivery of existing successful high school retention and post-secondary enrolment preparation programs.
  • Expand program evaluation, develop innovations and distribute research knowledge on best practices.
  • Conduct academic support programs.
  • Partner with the Department of Cooperative Education and Career Action at the University of Waterloo to develop employment preparation and transition programs for Aboriginal learners.
  • Deliver an academic program in indigenous studies that will increase understanding of Aboriginal cultures, histories, perspectives and values.