Alex's Blog: The Fear and Power of DO

Alex WongI entered GreenHouse with the intention of doing something - anything. I read and I think and I talk a lot - but never before have I taken real action. So I decided that GreenHouse would be just the right environment to encourage me to actually act.
And I’m starting to realize… it’s a whole other ball game than thinking the act: acting the act takes a ton of courage. It’s anticipation and nerves and the fact that I suck at putting myself out there - mainly because I’ve never really practiced at it. But it gets easier. The momentum carries me along and the people and the environment of GreenHouse push me when I cannot. Knowing that I’ve committed to my idea to the extent of talking about it with others helps. 
I used to think I wanted to do it all - and I often still fall into that trap  but then I realized that thinking of doing everything is just really doing nothing. So it was much better to pick an idea and just try it out. The key words, really, are “just try,” but know that that doesn’t lead to “doing.” Trying to make change is much different than actually impacting change. And that’s where a willingness to pivot is huge. This realization was one of the big takeaways from a GreenHouse workshop this term.
"We learned that design thinking means not being too attached to a single idea especially an untested one. It means constant iteration and maybe pivoting, but always thinking about the end user." 
footprints in the sand
"The Power of Do," coincidentally, is also something I learned through talented GreenHouse alumna Elle Crevitz. She gave a talk during the Ryerson Social xChange a few weeks ago, centering around the idea of “JUST DO IT” (said with Shia Laboeuf style). And I keep recalling that (obviously again in Shia LaBeouf's voice) and it propels me to keep going even when the fear creeps up and I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.
Pushing ourselves and putting ourselves out there are very scary things and I’ve come to accept that. Just typing this up to let out my inner thoughts and thinking about this being released in the blog is scary and my Fitbit heart rate proves that my fear is real (though some of that increased pulse could be due to the caffeine; hard to say). Regardless, Doing is a scary thing. But as the old sports adage goes, applicable to all realms of life and with new meaning for me:
"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”
(Side note: I definitely relate to this quote because of A Cinderella Story. Babe Ruth and sports were not so much in my childhood or else, I’d probably have learned about dealing with fear earlier on…)
So to end on another note, I’ll follow with a second quote: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”  
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