Alex's Blog: Moving back to campus!

Alex WongI first lived on campus in Mackenzie King Village in 2011. Four years later, I moved back onto campus this past January, to live in GreenHouse. The times in between, I’ve lived at home in Ottawa, in Waterloo on Erb St and later University Ave, in the U.S., and in Toronto.
And as much as I’ve enjoyed living off campus, returning to living on campus felt both refreshingly familiar and heart-racingly new: I was taking a leap of faith in myself and attempting to become a social entrepreneur! 
Besides the obvious perks of living on campus, like rolling out of bed 10 minutes before class and still making it there only two minutes late (I’m still unable to get anywhere on time, somehow), the biggest thing I’ve loved about GreenHouse is the community.
We in the GreenHouse interchangeably call each other savage or fam, but really, we’re mostly fam(ily). It’s times like hanging out in the lounge to make crepes after one of us finishes her LSATs and making late-night trips to the Student Life Centre to buy ice cream, that remind me of first year. Because for all the trials and tribulations that first year brought with it, living away from home for the first time, you can become really tight-knit with your floormates.
GreenHouse feels like that.
"We all share the same drive to create social impact, even if what we care most about is different."
I’m all about sustainable living; he’s all about education abroad; she’s all about helping homeless youth but we all care. And because we all care and because we’re all amazing human beings (you will be too, if you join us!), we respect each other immensely.
GreenHouse people are the people I've longed to be friends with: interdisciplinary, inspiring, diverse, authentic, dedicated, passionate to name just a few. 
Winter class 2016 at community dinner.
And that, for me, is the biggest thing about living back on campus again. I have a built-in community through GreenHouse and living at St. Paul’s, and having that community brings so many serendipitous experiences and connections.
I’m so much more engaged now and I know so many more amazing people because of GreenHouse. Truly, if life is built upon the little moments, our little moments are often defined by our location and whom we surround ourselves with.
I love all the friends I’ve made over my five years and counting at university — but this recent batch particularly act as inspiration to engage more: with personal social ventures, with Waterloo, with life. 
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